Sunday, December 31, 2006

Pathways: What 2006 Meant To Me.

That would be the one word that would explain the unpredictable, crazy year i've been through.

A lot of things, both good and bad happened to me throughout the year. But like what Reverand Wendy Ching preached this morning in church, we remember bad things better and more emotional compared to the good times we had. I couldn't agree more.

But knowing that whatever situation i've been through this year, i believe it's God's master plan for me; a plan far beyond my tempermental human mind can ever comprehend. I believe there's greater things for me next year, and perhaps years to come.

My commitment to both the youth group and CF, going through industrial attachment in theSun, life in the campus as a sophomore, my state of mind and relationship with others and things in between. Looking back, i wonder what if i said no to certain things, or decided to take a risk for others. I can only imagine again and again what it would be like, like a broken record playing the same tune repeatitively.

But again, pathways are what i encounter everyday of my life. And if i had one resolution for the coming year, i want to be wiser in making the smart choices. With God's grace, wisdom, courage and guidance, i believe i can go through it in faith.

"...Before we let euphoria
Convince us we are free
Remind us how we used to feel
Before when life was real

And when I feel like I can feel once again
Let me stay awhile
Soak it in awhile
If we can hold on we can fix what is wrong
Buy a little time
For this head of mine
Haven for us...."

Taken from The Delgados' The Light Before We Land

Note: expect more for 2007!~

Love & Peace!~



There's about 21 plus hours to go before friends and family alike singing Auld Lang Syne as fireworks go off in the sky when the ball drops.

I personally felt the youth camp was great - feeling God's presence once again has touched me, and me re-awaken. It's been awhile, but i was walking around with my eyes spiritually shut closed for too long. Perhaps this camp was what i really what i need to bounce me back to my axis.

No more time to waste. There are many entries to come for this blog, and more interesting events in my life for me to experience. I'll blog them to my pace, and i walk fast too!

Some things can wait, while the important ones need to be attended too.

Love & Peace!~


Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Four more days to before 2007 comes a knocking.

I'll be off to camp later till this Friday, having a ball with about 50+ youths in Port Dickson at our Youth Camp.

I'm not very thrilled about it, or am i frustrated with it. I'm just going through the motion for this camp. If there's one phrase to fit my feelings being in the committee, it would be "between the devil and the deep blue sea". Or maybe, it's just myself to blame.

On a lighter note, last week, i was up in Genting Highlands with Jocelyn Tan, Gillian Tan, Cherise and John Reuben and their bunch of friends from school. But being up there for three days wasn't that much more fun than a barrel of monkeys, being unable to play the outdoor rides.

With the news reports stating five states are suffering from the floods, it was fogging heavily way up there; where winds were strong and visions blurs 20 metres away. With the monsoon winds blowing, this wouldn't be a good time to be up there.

And i hear from Jocelyn that the next time they're planning something, they would invite me. This situation could be viewed from two different angles - either i could still jive with them despite the age difference, or that's how low my maturity level is. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

"...Way away away from here I'll be
Way away away so you can see
How it feels to be alone and not believe
(Feels to be alone and not believe)
Feels to be alone and not believe

Excerpt from Yellowcard's Way Away

I've got a few hours to rest before getting up to reach church by 8 later.

Four more days, i wonder if i'll make it.

Love & Peace!~


Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas - Is HE In It?

It never bothered me till a couple of years back, what Xmas really meant.

Though i'm a person who rarely use shorthand writing, it never occur to me what it meant till my lecturer told us students what it really means.

"To celebrate Xmas is to celebrate Christmas without Christ in it. It's the commercial way of celebrating it," said the lecturer to us.

Well, it sort of made sense there, i thought to myself.

But wishes came by in forms of e-mails and text messages saying "Merry Xmas" and "Have a Great Xmas". I do tell them what my lecturer's logic to them. So excepted it whole-heartedly, while others argued, stating it is a short form and refuse to budge.

So recently, i decided to check out the real meaning behind Xmas and was i shocked to discover what the fuss was about:

"Xmas has been used for hundreds of years in religious writing, where the X represents a Greek chi, the first letter of Χριστος, “Christ.” In this use it is parallel to other forms like Xtian, “Christian.” But people unaware of the Greek origin of this X often mistakenly interpret Xmas as an informal shortening pronounced (ĕks'məs). Many therefore frown upon the term Xmas because it seems to them a commercial convenience that omits Christ from Christmas."

Taken from

So, i guess most of those who believe that Xmas was short of Christmas was true. But then again, i bet 9 out of 10 doesn't know the Greek origin of X, and believes it was just an English shortform. Many will just say, "Ya ke?" Hence, knowing is half the battle, forfeiting the fact that ignorance is bliss.

But there are a few articles stating that it's okay to use the Greek word 'chi'. Click HERE and HERE to read more about the information.

I guess there are two groups of schools here - those who opposes the usage of Xmas, and those who accepts it.

But to me, Christmas isn't about the fat dude travelling from the North Pole, delivering presents to good kids and coal to bad ones. To me, it's about giving and forgiving. To be more specific, it's about the birth of Jesus Christ, who came down to earth to die for our sins so that we may have eternal life - He's the reason for the season.

Well, which ever group you belong to, i would like to wish you all a Blessed Christmas!

Love & Peace!~


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hurting Within.

After a long time, i felt what is it like to lie to a mom.

It isn't a picnic - i felt horrible. It's at the same level as breaking someone's kneecap in anger or breaking up with a girlfriend in frustration over a bitter fight.

No matter which situation you can relate to, it doesn't matter.

Crap, i just want to get over this. The truth will be told, if neccesary.

"...Stab my back
It's better when I bleed for you
Walk on me
It never was enough to do..."
Taken from The All-American Rejects' Stab My Back

Love & Peace!~


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

They're Just Kids.... Tired Ones.

"Abby Brown:
What's wrong with you? He's just a kid. We're all just kids and we just have this life and the things you say and do, we feel that. How can you have so much hate in your heart? How can you act like it doesn't matter? It does matter. What happened to us? We're just kids. We can't be like this. It's not possible."*

Watching Last Sunday's One Tree Hill (Episode "With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept") was really mind blowing. In a nutshell, that particular episode was about one of the high school student (Jimmy Edwards) brought a gun to school, and held a group of students hostage after firing a shot in the school. Click HERE for more info about this episode

"Jimmy Edwards:
You really think I am the only one. Then ask yourself this. Have you ever treated someone like crap in this school or left anyone out? Have you ever broken up with someone in the time it takes to pass a note and disappear? Or talk trash behind their back? Or maybe you just ignored it all? You know why you worry about the big game or the prom or the bake sale for the pep club. You ask yourself that and then you tell me if there is anyone else out there. "*

This seem to look a lot like the Columbine High School shooting that happened a couple of years back. I guess this is the retribution you get when not only kids wear casual clothings to school, but guns are easily obtained from the nearest K-Mart.

But then again, to blame guns outbreaks like this is no different from blaming knives for murders. Things around us can either be used for good or evil.

Maybe those kids were like Jimmy - the rejected and the bully. The invisible to the people around him, and abondan by his friends. And they decided to take out their frustration by pulling the trigger.

How many people like Jimmy do you know? I know, there are too many around me.

"Jimmy Edwards:
Everyone here is a loser. And the truth is: everyday I have to come to this school, is one less day I have to come back."*

One thing i know, he's just tired of the things that has been going on around him. I know.

"...But who knew that this day wasn't like the rest
Instead of taking a test, I took two to the chest

Call me blind, but I didn't see it coming
Everybody was running but I couldn't hear nothing

Except gun blasts, it happened so fast
I don't really know this kid even though I sit by him in class

Maybe this kid was reaching out for love
Or maybe for a moment he forgot who he was

Or maybe this kid just wanted to be hugged
Whatever it was I know it's because

We are, we are, the youth of the nation..."

Taken from POD's Youth of the Nation

* the quotes were taken from One Tree Hill, episode "With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept".

Love & Peace!~


Friday, December 15, 2006

16 Days Left.

"...Our time is running out
Our time is running out
You can't push it underground
You can't stop it screaming out
How did it come to this?"

Taken from Muse's Time Is Running Out

There's ten more days before Christmas.
A few more hours before the Moral paper begins.

Funny, how yesterday was spent reading manga, watching anime and checking out details about X-Files. Not only am i not a fan of the conspiracy series which ran for nine season, but i was afraid of watching it while it was on Malaysian airwaves. Not that i'm willing to watch it, though i'm curious about what kind of episodes and strange phenomena they have.

The best part is that i read very little of the notes. But then again, it's a LAN subject; grade obtained would not so ever affect my CGPA. Even if i barely pass it, it's still a pass. I remember studying for another LAN paper, Pengajian Malaysia only the morning of the exam. I ended up with a B+. I didn't see that coming!

Anyway, what grade i get for Moral would somewhat reflect the level of morale i have? Perhaps it does say a lot about me... or it's just another test that needs to be passed! I've already passed Feature Writing paper (yes!) and i've this hurdle to go.

But then again, if you know when your time's up, it really doesn't matter, does it? I guess i'll keep this for another entry.

For now, i guess i need to live for the moment.

"...Yesterday is a kid in the corner
Yesterday is dead and over

This is your life, are you who you want to be
This is your life, are you who you want to be
This is your life, is it everything you dreamed that it would be
When the world was younger and you had everything to lose... "

Taken from Switchfoot's This Is Your Life

Love & Peace!~


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Came Early 1: A Mis-Adventure

A couple of weeks back, David Heng, Dewgem and i met up with Justin Tan, who came all the way from Sg Long for dinner in Mid-Valley.

If i've not mistaken, the reason for the meet-up was to just meet up. I guess Justin was shocked to discover that David and Dewgem are seeing each other; never thought that this Melaka joker would actually be dating someone!

And yes, both David and Dewgem currently an item. I'm not being a loud-mouth, party-pooper or even a nosey-journalist - i'm just informing those who are uninformed, and those who bother to know.

After a nice meal, we headed to Animetech to browse around. In the end, we three guys decided to something for ourselves. And below are the item we bought:

Samurai Champloo, Thee TV Comlete Set (No spelling error here- It's written that way on the DVD cover) for me.

Gungrave OST 1: Righthand. This was the second item i got.

Gungrave OST 2: Lefthand. This was what David got as a Christmas present for his friend.

This was the Final Fantasy VIII OST that Justin got for his friend.

IN addition of applying the membership, i spent a total of RM200+, which burnt a deep hole in my Tropicana Life leather wallet. Though both Justin and David did pay for their part, that was still a lot of money that i coughed out (perhaps some blood in the process as well...) And if i paid those items with my credit card, is no different that giving my dad a heart-attack by writing his name in the Death Note!

Anyway, getting Samurai Champloo was really worth it lah. I've watched up to episode 17, and i'm still amazed by it. It's hilarious and action packed. The story revolves around the protagonists Mugen, Jin and Fuu, in their journey to search for the samurai who smells of sunflowers.

Mugen is a wild vagabond with wild hair and a devil-may-care attitude, accompanied with his fierce break-dance fight-style, while Jin is the silent, disciplined ronin with incredible swordsmanship and a dreadful past. These two warriors who can't look eye to eye without trying to kill each other group together on this search quest by beautiful young Fuu, who has not only a unbelievable appetite, but is kidnapped almost every episode!

Not only is the fighting scenes goreful and intriging, but the whole story takes place in Edo period of Japanese history with the cultural influence of today; which explains the fact that the characters has piercings and dyed hair, and phenomena like beat-box rapping and graffiti painting during that time. This anime combines chambara and modern hip-hop nicely.

The anime (up to now) seems good, and so was the soundtrack i got. I might get the soundtrack for Samurai Champloo next year.

Justin stayed overnight, as it was a tad to late to catch the KTM train back to Sg Long. (David was still hanging out at my place too)

Anyway, what Justin mentioned to me while i was sending him off to the KTM station the next day struck me; that is when people call others out, there's always a reason behind it. I couldn't agree more.

Whether it's to accompany a group of friend, to eat with someone, to have a long deep conversation or to scam a poor soul into joining a pyramid scheme, there is a reason behind inviting another person out. I still remember the last time this person i know who invited me out dinner in PJ with the sole purpose of getting me into this pyramid scheme plan. That bus-tard, i had to play for my own dinner!

But what about inviting someone out just for the sake of it? I find it hard to do, without the strings attached.

Love & Peace!~


Sunday, December 10, 2006

What Secrets Do You Have?

Pictures are taken from PostSecret.

There are times, i feel like expressing myself with those two pictures.

Remember the music video clip for The All-American Rejects' Dirty Little Secret, where in the video, various postcards with different secrets were displayed by the those people? There are all from the same website. I really find this postcards interesting.

Anyway, to find out more about these postcards, do click HERE to look at more.
I might write one myself someday....

"...I'll keep you my dirty little secret
(Dirty little secret)
Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret
(Just another regret, hope that you can keep it)
My dirty little secret

Who has to know
The way she feels inside (inside)
Those thoughts I can't deny (deny)
These sleeping dogs won't lie (won't lie)
And all I've tried to hide
It's eating me apart
Trace this life out..."

Taken from Dirty Little Secret, performed by The All-American Rejects

Love & Peace!~


Thursday, December 07, 2006

NOthing Much To Do.

I've been tagged by a few other bloggers to do this. Since i'm not really in the mood to blog (though i have a lot of things in mind), i'm just doing this for the sake of doing it.

Four things many don't know:
- I got my head shaved to impress a girl.
- Before entering college, many of my crushes are older than me!
- I might have an undiagnosed mental illness.

- I had a mild heart-attack before entering primary school.

Four movies I can watch over and over:
- Batman Begins
- The Matrix Trilogy
- Metropolis

- Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Four places I have lived:
- Taman Uda Jaya, Ampang
- Taman Bukit Indah, Ampang
- Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, KL
- In a hostel

Four TV shows I love:
- Lost
- House
- CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
- One Tree Hill

Four places I have been on vacation:
- Port Dickson
- Ipoh
- Genting Highlands
- Cameron Highlands

Four of my favourite foods:
- Pizza
- Dry Pork Noodles
- Chips
- Spagetti and meatballs

Four places I'd rather be:
- At home
- Borders bookstore
- In the office
- In bed

Currently listening to songs:
- The All-American Rejects - Move Along
- Yui - Rolling Star

- The Delgados - The Light Before We Land
- Beat Crusaders - Tonight Tonight Tonight!

Four other people who will be tagged:
- Those reading this blog entry.
- Those who have not updated their blogs lately.

- Those with nothing else better to do.
- Those who like to be tagged! (just do it)

Back to getting my assignments done!

Love & Peace!~


Are We Ready For It?

I'm done with my first paper, and patiently waiting for the next paper next Friday. Praying hard that i could get an A- or a B+ for Feature Writing. But nonetheless, i need to get other things done before the year ends.

"...It's in despair that I find faith
Summon the night to bow down to day
When ignorance is bliss
Save me from myself

And then I see You there
With Your arms open wide and You try to embrace me
These lonely tears I cry
They keep me in chains and I wish they'd release me
Cold is the night but
Colder still is the heart made of stone, turned from clay
And if you follow me
You'll see all the black, all the white fade to grey..."

Taken from Jars Of Clay's Fade To Grey

Interestingly, after the exam on Monday, Dr Carmen distributed this pamplet around to the students;

It's the Freedom of Information (FOI) campaign. Basically, it's a campaign for a legislation that allows access to information - as they are a lot of things that we, the citizens, do not have the slightest idea of what's going on in our country.

Do you have a clue where your tax money goes to?
Is the government being open enough to the public?
What secrets should be consisted secrets?
Why are whistleblowers punished instead of being rewarded?

Anyway, just click HERE for details about FOI.

But then again, for this to actually go through, we need to move away from the typical 'tak apa' attitude that we have. I believe many of us are ignorant, if not indifferent, about the issues that goes on around us.

The only time we take notice of something is only if it has direct effect on our daily routine, not the bigger things that are weightier and indirectly affect us. I guess only when it reaches the critical level-four bio-hazard stage, do we voice out our opinions and concerns.

We really need to take interests in the things that's going on around us. After all, knowledge is power, right?

But then again, it's no use calling the kettle black when the pot himself knows nuts about politics and the government....

"Say what you want, mean what you say
Remember the deepest seeds still find the light of day
Do as you please, and be who you be
I'm telling you, this thing's gonna bring you to your knees

The truth is what we need, it is the end of mystery
You know the truth will set you free
The truth is out there, the truth is out there..."

Excerpt from DC Talk's The Truth

Love & Peace!~


Friday, December 01, 2006

Lame VS Funny.

No... not the crippled or physically disabled kind, but what some of my friends are (somewhat fortunate, it's just a figurative speech)

I've been wondering, what the heck separates a funny joke from a lame one? Putting both of them down the table, it's obvious that people laughs at both of them... well, less for the lame one though.

I got curious, and tried to find out what sets them apart. Taken from, this what lame means -
"Lame is a slang adjective used to describe things of poor, or incomplete, quality in a manner that is synonymous with crap or dim-witted. It is also used as a mock against inexperienced users and less than provocative, or 'uncool,' performances..."

Sometimes i wonder if we were refering to someone as lame, should we have just labelled him/her 'pathetic'?

Sometimes, some people are just plain lame, with the blinking capital 'L'. (no reference to L of Death Note; he rocks!)

A Russell Peters video, about beating your kids! Hilarious.

Love & Peace!~


It's December 1.


I can't believe it's already in December already! After this, and January 2007 is come rolling in. Thirty more days to go before the new year comes.

As the end approaches, i wonder if i've done great deeds this year and is there time of amendments?

I don't know.

Remember, World AIDS Day today.

Love & Peace!~


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

All Is Not Bad!: R2G

The room we wanted wasn't approved.
It did rain heavily before the event began.
We were held to do some surveys before the event.
My car broke down after the event.
But that wasn't enough to stop us from having a good time during the Reason To Gift (R2G... and yeah, it's Gift! Though, i can't remember why....) PJ CF Christmas celebration last Wednesday, and also dinner at Taman Paramount.

In a nutshell, the PJ CF had a pre-Christmas celebration, where there was games, presentation and fellowship. It was cool though miggle with new friends and other people from Monash Sunway CF, though there were those who left early. Nonetheless, the fellowship was good.

This is a simple arrangement for a table decoration. Prawn crackers are plain, simple and tasty. Cheong Keen is the man to see if you want cheaper deals on such snacks!

Joshua and Zi Kang putting up the coloured-gloss paper to glitter the room.

The mime presentation that starred yours truly and Jun, narrated by Zi Kang and Dewgem was basically about the story of a boy, who tried his best to get attention from his parents, yet fails to do so and ended up mixing with the wrong company. One day, he was invited to a Christmas celebration by this girl who he has a crush on. While playing the ice-breaker, it dawns upon him who he was when he was the top student and excelling athlete.

Getting all geared up for the mime. I was just speechless... pun unintended.

The crush then tells him about Jesus' love, thus they both dance to David Mecce's We Are The Reason song.

Credit has to be given to Zi Kang for coming up with the storyline. Apparently, the story was based on his church friend's account on how he became a Christian!

See that canned pineapple on my head? That was the gift i chose last minute the night before the event. Too bad Jun (left) was the one chosen to receive it.

Those who were present at the CF Christmas Celebration - R2G.

But in the end, it's God's plan that bring us through everything, not ours. Plans made by us can fail us at anytime, but God's plans is for us, though it's true nature may not be reveal there and then.

"...As the years went by we learned more about gifts
And giving of ourselves and what that means
On a dark and cloudy day a man hung crying
in the rain
Because of love, because of love

And we are the reason that He gave His life
We are the reason that He suffered and died
To a world that was lost He gave all He could give
To show us the reason to live..."

Taken from David Meece's We Are The Reason

Love & Peace!~



Can't believe David Heng has been staying with me for more than a week. That parasite! HAHAHA!~

A lot of things have happened, and there just too many to be penned down. Will try my best to update this blog soon!

Do expect more to come, cause i'm still alive and kicking....

Well, with the articles i still owe theSun and exams coming up, almost.

Love & Peace!~


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Coming to Senses.

Nope, I'm not dead yet.

Currently, i have two assignments to deal with, a performance to prepare for, and tonnes of responsiblities in hand. Oh, and Ernest is back for the semester break, and David Heng is hanging out here for a few days.

Coming back to responsiblities, i really want to get this off my chest - people should have a chance to choose what post/department they would want to be in, because they are willing to. Being able to is another subject. But one shouldn't dump responsibility to somebody else just like that! At least, one could INFORM BEFORE HAND what the others are doing before anything happens, and get a concide agreement.

I believe that how mutual trust happens. You don't do things behind people's backs!

I'm just unsatisfied and frustrated with how somethings are done by managements.

(P/S If you don't get what i mean, good for you. If you are not the one i'm talking about and you're feeling it, you're just being perasan. IF you're the one and you're feeling it, this is memang my thoughts!)

"...When all that you wanted
And all that you had
Don't seem so much
For you to hold on to
For you to hold on to
For you to belong to..."

Taken from Jet's Hold On

Love & Peace!~


Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Lame Punisher: Feel The Power!

Some time ago, during the CF planning retreat, David Heng decided that Dewgem should get herself a paper-fan to whack the lame committee members, in case any lame jokes/acts came about during CF meetings.

And introducing Full Metal Panic! Fumuffu anime to half the CF comittee, they've got the gist of how Chidori Kaname uses the fan to punish Sousuke Sagara for being too serious.

Chidori Kaname and THE FAN! Full Metal Panic! - the manga.

However, the idea was left under wraps... till this week! David has invented the Lame Remover. And now, with some old paper, glue and tape, i manage to construct the Lame Punisher!

The Lame Punisher Ver. 1.02

- It has a long, flimsy, curved hilt.
- User can only utilise 45% of it's power

Later, more adjustments and improvement have been added into the Lame Punisher. And here's the result:

The Lame Punisher Ver. 2.0

- It's firmer
- Hilt has been shorten
- It's LOUD!
- User can now utilise 80% of it's power

It takes one to really sync with the fan to increase the power to 100% or more! There are many lame people around, but only few can wield the power of the Lame Punisher.

Be prepared for a w(h)acky fun time during CF meetings!

Love & Peace!~


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So, So Lame!

This is just plain dumb, but at the same time makes sense.

To Rowen, Iggy, Alex Hooi and other Star Wars fans out there - This is ownage (when the force ain't with you)!

Love & Peace!~


Too Much Free Time At Hand?

This Diet Coke and Mentos experiment has been around for awhile. Known as the Mentos eruption or Mentos-and-Coke geyser, it involves putting a few Mentos biji into a bottle of Coke and watch it go crazy. Do click HERE for more information on this Internet phenomena.

Not new, but just check out the video below.

Fergersan, if you're watching this, don't waste your money trying this, ok?

With the money and time invested for that experiment, I could do so much more. But the music's cool!

Love & Peace!~


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Where My Head Rest.

On a brighter note, people have been wondering how on earth i've been sleeping in front of my computer.

It's true! Sometimes, when i'm too tired, i sleep in front of my PC.

And here's proof:

This is where my computer is; in front of my bed in the bedroom. And yes, my room is indeed like many guy's rooms - messy.

Therefore, it's a fact that i CAN actually fall asleep in front of the computer. But facing the PC too long causes my back to ache. I should consider getting a computer table. The neck's aching too.

Time to rest.

Love & Peace!~


One Hat Too Many.

I've not been feeling well these few days. Perhaps it's the rain - it has been raining a tad too often now. Or maybe it's the fact i've been overloaded with too many responsiblities. But whatever it is, it's taking a toll on me.

"...Hold on
Feeling like Im headed for a breakdown
And I don't know why

But Im not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know right now you cant tell
But stay awhile and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me..."

Excerpt from Matchbox Twenty's Unwell

Talking about responsiblities, i think i've taken up to many responsibilities - in campus, in church, in the workplace, in life.... Sometimes, i wonder if i can cope with some many responsibilities at one time. One think for sure, i'm burning out real fast.

Where am i now? Where am i standing?

And having to juggle all my priorities prompted me to ask this question,

"Are responsiblities given to those suitable for the job, or given to those who have there for the moment?"

Sometimes, i see many people who fit the job description like a glove, but decided to turn the other side. Other times, i see too many people uncapable and inexperience for the responsibility taking up the post.

One thing for sure, if i'm given whatever workload in my hand, i'll have to fulfill them and do my best. Too late for complaints now. Plus, whining wouldn't get the job done, would it?

"...I'm tired of playing games, of looking for someone else to blame
For all the holes in answers that are clearly showing,
For something to fill the space. Was all of the time I spent a waste,
Cause so many choices point the same way I was going?

But I'm not ever going to know if I'm right or wrong
Cause we're all going in the same direction.
And I'm not sure which way to go because all along
We've been going in the same direction..."

Taken from Hoobastank's Same Direction

Love & Peace!~


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Time After Time.

It's always true when i say, "A life of a journalist is rarely, if not never, boring!"

A lot of things have happened these few days, and i've decided to just state them as short as possible below. The events started after Friday's (Nov 3) Homegroup Combined Meeting in church:

Saturday (Nov 4)
- Got up a little late, but manage to arrive at uni before 9 and caught the gist of what's going on in Feature Writing lecture.

- Left in the midst of tutorial class, and went to 1 Utama with Rowen to watch the special screening of Death Note at 11am. The movie was good, but the manga (and now, anime) set the par. The movie has an interesting plot which slightly deviate from the manga. Plus, there's more focus on Raito's girlfriend, Shiori.

Check out the trailer for Death Note

- Left for church for Youth Leader's meeting right after the movie. Caught in the jam, but managed to reach on time to discuss critical matters, namely the youth camp and Christmas celebration. Failed to mention about the Homegroup state of being to Pastor.

- At 5:30pm, after practice at church, was at JR house where Rowen's currently staying. Saw the dead cat (which has already been burnt) and ate pizza dinner with him at Shakey's, Alpha Angle. Bumped into Choon Mun and Emmeline's family there.

- Walked to my car in PJ Sec 17 from Universiti Putra LRT station. Took about 45 agonizing minutes.

Sunday (Nov 5)
- Managed to woke up on time for 7:30 am prayer meeting. Played bass guitar for service!

- Had free lunch at church. Being true to the saying goes, 'there's no such thing as a free lunch', there was a Leader's Forum in church after that.

- Went to Sui Li to pass my pendrive and later to Tracy to get some stuff. Bumped into another car on the way home. Dozed off at the red light. Apparently, the lady driver thought i was being intimitating, didn't get down to check for damage. Which, by the way, there weren't any damages done.

- Went for the 'Walk The Trail' drama with Sui Li and Angeline. Finally met Rowen's girlfriend, Wai Yee. The drama was excellent. Bumped (no knocking into this time!) into Dewgem, Joshua Tan and other familar faces. Had supper with the lovey-dovey couple and their friends, Amanda and Pei Ling at SS2 Murni.

Monday (Nov 6)
- Went for Moral lecture, and then for the Talent Time Night committee meeting. Didn't realise how heavy the post i've taken.

- Watched too much TV at home that night.

Tuesday (Nov 7)
- After spending the night and early morning watching TV and checking for info on the Net, i slept for most of the day.

- Got the keyboard in uni from Dewgem in the afternoon, knocked a motorcyclist. Fortunately, he was okay, and i manage to be professional - i apologied for my actions.

- Celebrated Michelle Shia's 23rd birthday at Joelle's place at night.

- After the party, Joelle, Lai Seng, Michelle and i headed to McDonald's in Sec 14 for supper. Not only did i break my McD fast, but we had a insightful talk about Malaysian news, ethnics, up-bringing and attitude problems. Got home around 3 am.

I'm still sleepy... But i've got to move soon.

"Yesterday is a wrinkle on your forehead
Yesterday is a promise that you’ve broken
Don’t close your eyes, don’t close your eyes
This is your life and today is all you’ve got now
Yeah, and today is all you’ll ever have
Don’t close your eyes
Don’t close your eyes

This is your life, are you who you want to be
This is your life, are you who you want to be
This is your life, is it everything you dreamed that it would be
When the world was younger and you had everything to lose..."

Excerpt from This is Your Life by Switchfoot

Love & Peace!~


Friday, November 03, 2006

Serial No. 00302

"I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me."

Philippians 4:13

I was shocked to discover how far i've come.

Recently, i was reading blogs of my friends, namely Dewgem and Joshua Foong, discovering that they have blogged for three years and reached 200th entry. And i checked out how many entries have i posted.

*Surprise surprise!*

In about two years time, i've written and posted about 300 entries! Experienmenting with blogging years back has now become my hobby. And my blog has evolved according to my maturely, lifestyle and experience.

I guess i couldn't have gone far without the encouragement and support from my friends, the people who have faith in me and of course, you readers! But i shouldn't be too big headed about it, as the main credit goes to Almighty God who gave me this talent and passion to write.

With myself, i can't go far. But with God's strength, wisdom and courage, i move miles ahead. And i can write more quality and thoughtful materials for the soul and mind. (or whatever that passes by!)

Ichigo versus Ichigo. I maybe my worst critic, but i need to challenge myself in order to be better!

I want to learn more.
I want to be better!

Love & Peace!~


Browsing Through Without Thinking.

Sometimes, i wonder if the eyes on faces just for looks and decoration and not to read and make sense of your surrounding? Or in this case i'm arguing about - to read!

This is a forwarded e-mail i received not too long ago from a friend:

"hey everyone, i had a look on the internet and its actually true .
On the 1st of november , we will have to pay for the use of our MSN and email accounts unless we send this message to at least 18 contacts on your contact list. It's no joke if you don't believe me then go to the site ( )and see for yourself. Anyways once you've sent this message to at least 18 contacts, your msn dude will become blue.

please copy and paste don't forward cos people won't take notice of it. Hey it is Andy and john the directors of MSN, sorry for the interruption but msn is closing down.

this is because too many inconsiderate people are taking up all the name(eg making up lots?of different accounts for just one person), we only have 578 names left.

If you would like to close your account, DO NOT SEND THIS MESSAGE ON. If you would like to keep your account, then SEND THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE ON YOUR CONTACT LIST. This is no joke, we will be shutting down the servers. Send it on,thanks.


I've personally open the linked mentioned, and discovered that the forward wasn't more than a half truth.

To put the news in a nutshell, MSN would charge for the usage of extra services, such as 'such as an advanced filter system to protect email accounts from junk mail' in about 12 months time.

I quote from the website that 'Microsoft stresses that the site's core facilities including Hotmail will remain free.'

Hello? Can you read the statement above?!

Frankly speaking, i use my Yahoo! e-mail and Gmail more frequent compared to Hotmail. That's the reason i keep telling everyone to not send anything to Hotmail. And if MSN really do bar my account, so what? At least i give them a run for their money when i use Yahoo! Messenger or ICQ!

This is how my Windows Live Messenger looks like.

I wonder if people really read through what they're forwarding, or even know what they are forwarding for that matter? I really ponder.

Oh, on another note, don't bother forwarding e-mails in Chinese; I can't read them. Ergo making your effort vainful.

Love & Peace!~


Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Today's Halloween!

From the perspective of a Malaysian dude who hasn't been the western countries, i believe Halloween is the day where people can wear silly, ridiculous-looking clothes, go a knocking at neighbours you never knew exist and get tonnes of free candy from strangers without begging. Plus, it's a good time to carve out those mushy pumpkins and be a holligan for the year.

I dislike pumpkin, as much as i dislike bacang.

But nonetheless, i can now laugh like Don Kanonji and it's acceptable today.


I guess when this kid grows up, he wouldn't want his parents to be showing this to his girlfriend, or anyone else for that matter.

"...With the lights out its less dangerous
Here we are now
Entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious..."

Taken from Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

Love & Peace!~


Monday, October 30, 2006

Now, Where To?

Last night, about hundred odd church members gather at church to discuss about where the church is heading, literally.

With the committee have decided that the building and land we're buying is the one in Good Shepherd kindergarten is in Ulu Klang, along the MRR2 Highway; which is about another five minutes away from where the church is. A little further for me to travel and much closer to those staying in Bukit Antarabangsa.

The place is quite nice, though it's a slopey and we have to make our way all to the top of the hill. But interestingly, it lives up to the term 'city on a hill'! Plus, there's a stream behind the buildings and the nature environment for both nature lovers and group dancers, like those in the Hindi movies. *Oh yeah*

By the end of the night, majority of the members support the notion of getting that piece of land to be our new location. As the property in question is still in bidding, and with another nine companies competiting to out bid each other, all we as the church can do nothing, except pray and have greater faith (not greater God!) that the management there will sell the land to us.

On another note, i've been worshipping the wrong god too often, namely the Idiot Box!

With the amount of assignments, responsibilities and work, there's only so much i can watch in a day.

"Here in this house of the great king
We come together now to worship him
This house is built on Christ our rock
Cannot be shaken..."

Taken from Hillsong United's Awesome In This Place

Love & Peace!~


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where Should I Begin?

With many things going on in my life and the pile of workload that comes with it, i can barely have time to blog everything in one sitting.

Good thing i've completed the assignment which i have to hand in tomorrow morning a couple of hours ago. That means there's enough time for this entry and TV!

Let's see. There are a things i want to write about, like going to the European style fun-fair with Pek Mei (she was there for the assignment, i was there for the excitement), animes and manga, what's going on with the people around me, list of things i plan to get, etc.

There's just too many events coming my way, and i'm just keeping my eyes wide open to absorb the rush. Eyelids are getting heavier...

Somewhat, i feel like i'm in Hanataro Yamada's shoe... err... sandals? Pity him, being a nobody and picked on most of the time.

I need to get some sleep real soon to get up for 8am class. *Argh*

"...Drive all night
Never gonna get me
Night by night
To get away from it all
Fight, fight, fight
All you wanna do is hurt me
You wrecked our lives
So i'm gonna have to drive all night..."

Taken from The All-American Rejects' Night Drive

Love & Peace!~


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Frank Honesty.

You know that feeling you get some something great turns sucky? I'm currently feeling that since last night.

Having won the invite to go for the Deepavali open house event with Double D and few Traxx fm deejays in Taman Quepacs was overwhelming. Not only did i get the chance to meet deejays from my favourite radio station, but i also get to eat yummy food and get my Feature Writing assignment done -a kill t-h-r-e-e birds with a stone situation.

Accompanied by Fergarsen, we left Pandan Indah at about 6:45pm, hoping to reach the place on time. You see, reaching there wasn't the difficult part. It only took us twenty odd minutes to reach the residential area. It was finding the actual venue that was tricky.

To cut the story short, after enduring many wrong turns, dead ends and bumps for more than two hours, i decided to give up and grab dinner someplace else. Not only was it almost 10 pm, but the car was low on fuel. Feared that we would end up being a spin-off for Lost, again!

Fortunately, Fergarsen was there to accompany me while driving, chatting away to keep my company; being an active active audience per say.

Had dinner at Cowboy Delight in Cheras, sent Fergarsen back home before midnight, and manage to get a good night's rest for today's service.

But the main point here is not so much about the whole letdown, but rather what should i do for my assignment since i missed the event. While munching down my mushroom chicken, i thought,

"Maybe i could just say i went for the event, and make up a story. After all, it's Feature Writing. I just need to get C-R-E-A-T-I-V-E with it! It's not like Datin will be contacting the people i interviewed, or knows what's going on!?"

But then again, another thought hit me,

"Could you bring yourself to be an ethical journalist then?"

Creditiblity - that's one of the important assets for me if i were to be a good journalist in the near future. This maybe an assignment, and i could have taken the easy way out by creating a story out of a lie, but i can't just live with the fact it's fabricated piece of junk.

I may have misinterpretted some information before, but i'll try my best to tell the truth to the masses. I strive to be a good, if not great, journalist!

Looks like i have to inform Datin about the change of topic for my assignment.

"Why not? This is the BTN. Our job is to report the news, not fabricate it. That's the government's job." - Dascomb

Quoted from the movie V For Vendetta

Love & Peace!~


Kill Two Stones with One Bird.

That's what Alex Woon told me before he and Alex Hooi almost reacted on pouching on me on Friday evening. Before i skipped class and left for Mid-Valley with Sui Li and her friend Wei Yi to get books and lunch.

Interesting what happened before that, after debate and during the discussion. I was told i spoke of weirdly accent when presenting my point. I almost can't remember what i said for that span of six minutes. Perhaps i was on 'd-bait' mode while i spoke.

My group, the Government (conprised of Alex Hooi, Pek Mei and myself) were supporting the motion "free trade should be discussed over the media". But back to discussion; students, mostly fellow juniors were giving their point of view over the topic we spoke about and in regards with the topic the other group debated about.

Then, Dr Carmen pointed out facts, which mostly struck a note in me about the things that are going on around us, and what are the pressing issues we face in our daily life - the pink elephant in the room.

It was from this discussion, it hit me like a train:

1. Read more
Besides the usual intake of manga and the occasional study notes, i guess i need to read more newspapers, events taking place around us and perhaps, novels?

2. Mature up
When you think the person next to you is darn childish, wait till you open yourself to the world, and you'll realise how insignificant you REALLY are. *sigh* Even younger dudes know what they are talking about compared to me. My knowledged is limited, and i should perceive my world better.

I still have a long way to go to be a better individual.

Love & Peace!~


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Die Stuffed or Laughing.

Just came back not too long ago after watching John Tucker Must Die at Cineleisure.

The movie, was darn hilarious. It may not be as hilarious as Talladega Nights, but it's hilarious in a way. Well, at least my IQ points didn't drop.

Can't believe after time and time again being humiliated in front of many peers and people around him, John Tucker just keeps getting more popular. It is as if he's god-like and praised by the high school students, even the teachers!

I'm just waiting for a day to see someone THAT influencial in my campus! But guys wearing thongs is somewhat feastible in the near future.

Had a great time watching it with Joshua Wong, Lai Seng, Sui Li and Tan Jo-Anne. Both Dewgem and Lydia Sim were with us before watch the movie, as we buka puasa at McDonald's at Mutiara Damansara in the evening after CF meeting.

With RM19.90, we ate so many burgers, fries and chicken nuggets, that we're just done with eating at this fast food joint for a couple of months. But at least i ate food worth more than the price i paid, yet it isn't the smartest ideas this week.

Well, i must say, it has been long day today. Will have to start fsating as well. Not to mention, go for the blood donation drive in the campus, have the group discussion with Alex Hooi and Pek Mei and to the funfair outside of 1 Utama with Pek Mei for her feature story assignment after that.

Another eventful day awaits.


Love & Peace!~


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cacat I Not Wannabe!

Interesting was yesterday's episode of House. (Season Two, Episode 10: Failure To Communicate)

Like Edward Vogler said, "Doc-doc-doctor House is in the house!"

The patient, a famous-retiring journalist, was admitted for difficulty in language after a fall. Not only were the people around him were clueless of what he's trying to say to him, but he couldn't write what he thought of writing as well!

Apparently, the condition's called aphasia, where one suffer partial or total loss of the ability to articulate ideas or comprehend spoken or written language, due to damage to the brain caused by injury or disease.

Click HERE for more information about this disorder.

While watching, i was thinking to myself, this would be a scary to be stuck with should neurological disorder!

Imagine, if i were to speak to my editor in aphasia mode;

Editor: So Bernard, how did the assignment go?
Bernard: Kill band call nothingness flew.
Editor: I beg your pardon?
Bernard: Kill band call nothingness flew. Cramped meatloaf?
Editor: What?
Bernard: Cramp meatloaf, home bear?
Editor: Err... i think you might need to see a doctor NOW!

Aphasia has been added into my list of fears! Though, being lame (err.. literally and figutively) is the least of my problem. OR is it?

Hmmm... a life of a journalist is most of the time, if not always, interesting and exciting. Ya?

Love & Peace!~


I Hate Bacang!

It has been going on for awhile; my car reaked of a funky odour.

The stench was mild, and it was like curded milk, sweet and sour you might added. But i don't recall ever leaving an empty yogurt cup in my car, let alone any carton of milk! But the smells comes and go once in awhile.

Friends who sat in my car gave comments about the odour, saying, "What's that smell?" or "Did something died in here?"

I can't seem to shake this lingering smell off my car till this afternoon, when Alex Hooi told me there was a packet of squashed bacang under the front passenger seat.

Bacang? Now that's one food item that i don't really enjoy, and what more bring into my car.

After dropping Alex home and heading back to Sri Petaling, i then realised who the culprit was: And she was called Joanne Lee!

And then it all came back to me, how and when that sticky bundle of rice came to be in my car. It happened a couple of weeks back, when my car broke down a kilometre away from Lembah Beringin while coming back to PJ from Ipoh.

On that day, we stopped by somewhere around Ipoh for breakfast. And before getting back into the car, Joanne and i bought some Chinese snacks. And among what she bought was that packet of glutinous rice. And the rest is history.

I've got five things in my mind to say to Joanne now, but i decided to keep my mouth shut. I've been pushing on her nerves (hopefully, not the last one) one time too often already.

Lesson(s) learnt:

1. Never leave food stuff to go stale in your car. The smells too similar when you pass a garbage truck.

2. Check the car always, and keep it clean!

3. Bacang is STILL not sedap to eat (or smelled)!

Love & Peace!~


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Where Do I Stand Now?


It has been eight years. And time passes by at a blink.

I wonder, if she was still around today, will i be a better person? Will the actions and choices made defer from what i've been committed to all this while? Will my life be as such till this day? I wonder.

And do i make her proud? Perhaps an answer from her will stop these teary eyes.

I want to know.

"...So fare thee well
Words the bag of leaves that fill my head
I could taste the bitterness and call the waitress instead
She holds the answer, smiles and asks one teaspoon or two

'Cause it's not the way
That it has to be
Don't trade our love for tea and sympathy..."

Excerpt from Jars of Clay's Tea and Sympathy

Love & Peace!~


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rainy Days.

It was a sunny day today. Not a single dark cloud in the sky.

Let me just tell you what happened during the past three days, where the sun when hiding and the rain came out to play;

Monday - Oct 9

It was the first day of the semester. And indeed, it was thrilling to meet up with my classmates again. And with two subjects this semester, i can at least free-lance a little. Let's hope my backlogs are cleared first!

Anyway, after the Moral class, Alex, Eu Wah, Lily, Nic, I-Ling and i went to Mid-Valley. And was it raining cats and dogs while we headed there.

Nic told invited us to go skating there. It was ice-skating without ice.

At first mention of it, i thought it was some sort of sale gimmick. Skating without ice is no different that the normal skates on wheels. Or is it?

Upon arrival, it was true. That place was a skating rink without ice. It was more of a combination of the two worlds. The participant basically a pair of roller-blades, with its wheels replaced with bladey-wheels to go on the fiber-optic like rink. Ergo, the hybrid skates.

So, all of us, except I-Ling decided to give it a try. And by looking at the little girl staking around leisurely, we thought it was easy, but once we stepped into the ring, we knew immediately that we were wrong.

It was tougher than it is. Even Alex, Nic and myself who can skate took awhile to adjust to the situation.

But after skating for almost an hour, i got a hang of it and managed to skate faster. Later, in the evening, i learnt how to skate backwards! It was indeed an acheivement after a roller-blading hiatus of nine years!

Well, if you're into the manga/anime Bleach, i basically bankai-ed.
If you're more familiar with Digimon Adventure, i've digivolved.
Or if The Law of Ueki more of your cup of tea, i've earned a zai and a Jingi.

In laymen's terms, i've mastered the skating skills on this arena, but at the cost of my legs. The ached badly the next morning.

Tuesday - Oct 10

Went out for lunch with Joanne Lee, Justin Tan and Clarene (can't believe up to today, i don't know her surname!). It was a public holiday in Selangor, thus the whole area around Mid-Valley was crowded. It took me about 20 minutes to get around the megamall. Twenty minute of my life that i'll never get back.

Lunch at La Manila was decent and affordable. I wish i thought of this place the day before when we were looking for a place to settle for dinner.

Later, we decided to watch The Devil Wears Prada, though i wanted to watch another movie like Miami Vice (can't get over The Banquet issue!). And if i'm right, it was raining then in the evening.

It's basically holds the same storyline as the original novel: The protagonist, Andy Sachs (Anna Hathaway) got a job in Runway, a fashion magazine, which has a ruthless and cynical editor, Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep). The job Andy got is one where many would die for.

And through the movie, she manage to adept to the company and survive... but at what cost?

Lessons learnt from the movie:
1. If you want to do a job you enjoy, don't go applying for a job that you don't.

2. Colleagues at work might not be friendly, but be yourself and be friendly. It pays off!

3. If you're at the top, you better have a lot of cards under your sleeves, just in-case a coup happens. Being cocky and arragont is small fries if you have lots of information in hand.

4. Blending in to be accepted could be the best way. Beat your boss at his/her own game. Though, you might loss yourself in the process. (Heck, you wouldn't see me speaking in fluent Mandarin or being an Ah Beng in my university anytime soon!)

5. It was worth my RM7! Every single sen.

6. Next time, try abstaining from saying 'Mermaid','Ariel' or 'swim like a fish' around Joanne Lee. You wouldn't like it!

Wednesday - Oct 11

CF was on, though many things was not properly planned before. Just as we about to give up, students from foundation studies came. Thus, we decided to move somewhere else for some tea, food and chit-chat a little.

One of the informal meeting we had. Joshua, Lydia, Simon, Sui Li and myself with the three students, Ruth, Felicia and Shee Wuen were eating rojak at the hawker center was okay lah, since McDonald's in Sec 14 had no power while the KFC joint there was under construction.

Most of the time, we were talking nonsense and making jokes here and there. But we did discuss of why God put us here in UTAR, and how we can impact our friends in UTAR. I really want to make an impact towards the people around me.

I can't wait for the next CF meeting. But faith and prayer, i discovered, plays an important role in planning.

And once again, it was raining when we left the hawker center.

I wonder if it will rain tomorrow?

"...Rain down on me
Here in Your presence i am free
Pour down like rain
Come touch me again
Lord, let your presence fall on me..."

Taken from Planet Shakers' Rain Down

Love & Peace!~


Monday, October 09, 2006

Prayed for An Enemy Lately?

I was browsing through several blogs on the weekend, and one of it caught my attention.

Nope, it wasn't so much on substances or the picture. It's what she prayed for. This Christian friend of mine was praying for her friend who was having a tough time during this fasting month of Ramahdan. That stuck a chord in me.

Nope, i'm not playing the prejudice card here. But isn't it normal for one to pray for his/her love one or someone in the family (or really close), even if the other isn't a believer. But normally not for someone who is not in your good books, right?

But this is what Jesus said:

43"You have heard that it was said, 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' 44But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? 47And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?

Matthew 5:43 - 47 , NIV

The interesting thing about Him was He prayed and heal those who were lame, blind and deaf; even talked to social outcasts when others simple would not. Heck, Jesus even healed the injured ear of the soldier who came to arrest Him at the Garden of Gethsemane.

That just got me wondering, when was the last time i pray for someone who doesn't benefit me, but needs God's healing hand? An enemy who just hates every inch of my guts who needs salvation?

I've still got a lot to learn to follow His way. A step at a time.

Love & Peace!~


Rojak Series #13

A lot has happened this week. Mussings and events that happened over the weekend. Anyway, let the TRS begin!

1. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

This is one of the brainless-humourest movie i've watched this year besides NACHO LIBRE!

Watched it and it was okay. Targetted for young ones and teens, as it is produced by Nickelodeon. It was funny!

In a nutshell, it's the story about Ricky Bobby, a numero uno Nascar racer who fell from grace and tried to get back up to the top again. But in it, there is a whole mother load of nonsense!

From un-intelligent conversations and fake Italian accents to foul-mouth children and lots of speed, be prepared to leave your brains at home, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Watched it for free with Aaron, Lai Seng, Joelle and her two friends. Bumped into Iggy and met Sis Joyce who was in-charge of giving out the tickets to the special screening of the movie. Yup, it was f-r-e-e!

Darn funny!

2. Brotherly Love

Since my brother, Rowen, came back, we took some time off and watched TV, went out for meals and just laze around doing nothing.

Now he has already left for Ulu Yam for his TARC CF Camp. I guess it was fun when it lasted.

3. Cough! Cough!

Yup, the haze is back, once again! Wish it was fog, but that's just wishful thinking.

Praying for the rain to come, and more smiles appearing on people's faces.

4. Wedding bells!

My cousin got married yesterday morning. Congrats to Ee Lan and husband, Mr Lee.

Come to think of it, i'm not really close to my cousins on my dad's side. It could be the age-gap, it could be the language barrier. Perhaps i'm just not trying hard enough?

5. Stolen

My pair of wornout shoes were stolen. Discovered that when i wanted to jog this morning. Whoever who stole them must be THAT desperate!

6. Back to School

The short semester starts today! Can't wait to meet up with my friends today. And looking forward to more CF activities to attend.

Having only two subjects enables me to freelance for theSun. I'll do my best to produce good articles! And speaking of which, this goes to my next point;

7. Backlogs!

I've got a tonne of work to process, and deadlines are drawing closer! Will have to get them done ASAP!

Not good to leave them too long unprocessed!

Love & Peace!~