Friday, December 01, 2006

Lame VS Funny.

No... not the crippled or physically disabled kind, but what some of my friends are (somewhat fortunate, it's just a figurative speech)

I've been wondering, what the heck separates a funny joke from a lame one? Putting both of them down the table, it's obvious that people laughs at both of them... well, less for the lame one though.

I got curious, and tried to find out what sets them apart. Taken from, this what lame means -
"Lame is a slang adjective used to describe things of poor, or incomplete, quality in a manner that is synonymous with crap or dim-witted. It is also used as a mock against inexperienced users and less than provocative, or 'uncool,' performances..."

Sometimes i wonder if we were refering to someone as lame, should we have just labelled him/her 'pathetic'?

Sometimes, some people are just plain lame, with the blinking capital 'L'. (no reference to L of Death Note; he rocks!)

A Russell Peters video, about beating your kids! Hilarious.

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jr said...

Russel Peters!

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BlurChu? said...

It's Russell Peters!

Anyway, me did it already, John Reuben!