Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: It has been a ride.

After many days of thinking, i believe the most appropriate phrase to describe this year would be 'roller coaster'.

Since the beginning of the year up to now, it has been like that for me. The rush, moving up and down, the anticipation, climaxes (and anti-climaxes) and the crazy things i did on the ride.

Among events which occurred in this year includes directly observing several by-elections up north of Malaysia, my on-going work-life here on the island, my commitment in church as well as my relationship with my (now) fiancee. Other things include passing aways of several prominent people, relationship changes and status change.

Through these events, emotions were high and a lot were said, but i thank God that we managed to pull through them, but i believe we need to continue putting our faith in Him, as we are not sure what the future has for us!

For next year, i have a few resolutions, which includes:

a. Proper financial planning for the future of both Melissa D and me.

b. Improving my health, which means to be fitter, going down a size or two and perhaps losing weight.

c. Planning for the impending, simple wedding, and a wonderful marriage under the guidance of God, family and friends.

I have to admit, i enjoyed the ride, and i'm looking forward to 2010!

Happy New Year! May 2010 be a good one for everyone!~

"....Just look at me, Silly Me,
I'm as happy as can be-
I got a girl who thinks I rock.
And tomorrow there's no school,
So lets go drink some more Red Bull,
And not get home 'till about 6:00.

When I'm dancing with you
Tomorrow doesn't matter.
Turn that music up
'Till the windows start to shatter
'Cause you're the only one who can get me on my feet.
And I can't even dance...."

Taken from Orson's No Tomorrow.

Note: Once this post is up, both my fiancee, my friends and i will be at church for the Watchnite service, here on the island.

Love & Peace!~


Monday, December 28, 2009

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, The Good Lord Gave to me....

... Four coloured pictures,
Three (hundred plus) people in church,
Two boxing gloves,
and one beautiful fiancee!

I just came back from dinner with my former university mates at Mid-Valley. It was great to see an 80% turnout, which i think is so far the highest, as i can recall. And the Kimchi was good.

And this would be the last time i'll be seeing them for the year.

Not to mention i was out with Justin Botak earlier for lunch in Brickfields ... and met the others, including Kevan, Angeline, Julius, Oliver, Sui Li, Shannon, Fergersan, Russell, Iggy, etc in church the day after Boxing Day.

Anyway, most of the pictures taken when i proposed to Melissa D is up on facebook, thanks to Jason Tan and Joshua Tay. And here are some of it.

The simple powerpoint presentation, which Pastor advised me to prepare. Also, Jim Brickman's The Gift was playing in the background!

That's me on one bended knee, as i muster up the courage to say this words, "Melissa Darlyne Chow, as i am on my knee, with this simple ring in my hand, will you marry me?" However, it just went, "dear, with this simple ring, would you marry me?"

Apparently, Melissa D, myself, and several others present in church, were overwhelmed. With tears in my eyes, and being emo, i just proposed! And she said YES!

Tears still coming out. Still pretty much emo.

For the pictures from the outing with my friends, i might take it from Pek Mei, or look up on Facebook, if they've uploaded it already.

And i've somewhat got a word to describe what 2009 was for me. I hope to be able to post it up on time!~

Good night.

"I could wish you joy and peace.
To last a whole life long.
I could wish you sunshine.
Or a cheerful little song
Or wish you all the happiness.
That this life could bring.
But I wish You Jesus, more than anything.

I could wish you leaves of gold.
And may your path be smooth.
I could wish you treasures.
Or that all your dreams come true.
And I could wish you paradise.
That every day be spring.
But I wish You Jesus, more than anything.

'Cause when I wish you Jesus,
I've wished you everything.

I Wish You Jesus by Scott Wesley Brown

Love & Peace!~


Saturday, December 26, 2009

On the first Day of Christmas, the Good Lord gave to me, One Beautiful Fiancee!~

Both Melissa D and i are now engaged!

The proposal was made on Christmas Day in church, at the end of the church service. With everyone present witnessing the event, i knelt on one knee, and asked for her hand in marriage. And she said, "YES!"

It was overwhelming. Melissa, myself, and some among the congregation had tears welling up in our eyes.

Pastors said i've set a high standard in proposal among guys in the church, and i wonder if i've created enemies by doing so.

I'll update more on this later (and hopefully, with pictures!) For now, i've gotta go catch my ride back to KL soon!~

Happy Boxing Day, people!~

Love & Peace!~


Thursday, December 24, 2009

What was 2009 to me?

A few days ago, i've been trying to figure out what 2009 meant for me. For some, it has been a challenging year. For others, it was a mundane, routine year, pretty much the same for the past few years.

I'm still trying to look for a phrase, if not a word, to describe what this year meant to me. I hope to blog about it before 2009 bids farewell.

On another note, we've watched several movies recently, including A Christmas Carol, Bodyguards and Assassins, Ninja Assassin, Astro Boy... and 2012. And we have yet to watch Love Happens, Storm Warriors, Avatar, Sherlock Holmes and The Princess and the Frog. So many movies, so little time.

Oh, and we celebrated Shea Li's 24th birthday at Sakae Sushi on Monday and had BBQ with the cell group on Saturday night!

Anyway, once this entry is up, both Melissa D, myself and several dozen church members will be off caroling in the evening.

We'll be jollying until Christmas arrives!

To all my readers, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Love & Peace!~


Friday, December 18, 2009

One more week!

Seven more days to Christmas! And i still have a few more things to do! Let's hope everything can be done by then!

Three more working days, and i'm on leave for the rest of the year. Still thinking if i should come down to KL or not....

But whatever it is, i need to get some things done first!

7 more days to go....

Love & Peace!~


Sunday, December 13, 2009

It does bother me....

How do you write a testimony? A life story about how you became who you are as you are changed, once you've accepted Christ in your life?

Up to today, this have been nudging me, constantly. I'm stuck to a wall when i'm called to do so.

Honestly, i've been in a 'Christian family' since i was born, and i accepted Jesus into my life during a church youth camp in 1997. I was baptised in Form 3, together with Justin Botak and a few other friends.

I think if i have to share something, it would be about how i survived several incidents in the past, between 2006 and 2007, all thanks to God's grace.

One of the incidents, of course, involved the car accident which left me with a broken right humerus. It was a painful experience, but i did learn something from it, from the physical, emotional and mental aspects. I thank God i'm still alive.

Yesterday night, i volunteered in my friend Sharon's kindergarten as Santa Claus, something which i don't believe in. And the kids keep rushing forward with their hands open as they keep asking for the sweets i given out. It's like giving out free currency to them!

And currently, i'm recovering from a sore-throat, which still does bother me, a bit.

Love & Peace!~


Saturday, December 05, 2009

This past week....

As i'm typing this entry, the West Ham United vs Manchester United match is on tv, with Melissa D watching it, along with several thousand of Malaysian fans, in their (or their friends') homes or Mamak outlet.

Earlier, both of Melissa D and i met up with Giam for late dinner and had a nice chat about work in KL and other things. I'm so grateful he's up here now, or i'll be the only operative on the field here on the island for the next two weeks... together with my cameraman! Currently, my colleague is on maternal leave while my boss will be going off to India. But Giam is indeed a godsend, and i'll try my best to work together with him!

Before meeting up with Giam, we were at Melissa D's grandparents there, where her relatives had a potluck there, since one of her relative from US is back, and another came up to the island from KL with her family. Wish we brought the watermelon to dinner... maybe next time.

During the past week, my boss and i were covering the state assembly sitting here, and so did Melissa D and the other counterparts. It was dramatic, with the demonstration with the Chief Minister Lmi Guan Eng's portrait being burned, and the newspaper shooting scene and 'butt show' by the Head Opposition Datuk Azhar Ibrahim. It was dramatic indeed. It was fun, while it lasted.

After covering that for four days, Melissa D and i awarded ourselves with by watching movies and a shopping spree. On Friday, we watched Ninja Assassin and Astro Boy (almost) back to back at Queensbay Mall. Ninja Assassin was graphic and gore, not for the weak-hearted, and best viewed on DVD, if one would want to see maximum violent carnage. On the other hand, Astro Boy was a heart-warming 3D animation story, suitable for all children, although it was slightly modified from Tezuka Osamo's original manga.

Later, we bought several other things, including a pair of sneakers each, some books, and a six-CD Christmas complication set, which was a bargain!

Getting sleepy now. And Christmas is coming! Don't you feel the excitement?

Love & Peace!~