Tuesday, May 31, 2011



I have not posted anything for such a long time. I'm bad. *sigh*

Anyway, been busy with work. I'm doing slightly below okay at the moment.

With a dozen of plans to think about as the Vacation Bible School in RGBC (Reservoir Garden Baptist Church, where i'm a regular now) looms closer, both Melissa and i need to plan ahead for our leave as well as wedding at the end of the year.

Not to mention the S&P for the house which will be happening next month. We're both anxious and excited about it... as with great powers, comes great responsibilities.

A lot is on my plate, but i need to look to God, and do my best in getting them done.

June's coming. As we ponder what has been done in the past weeks, let's look forward to the future!

Love & Peace!~

Sunday, May 01, 2011

It's back on track!

Finally, it has reopened for the public!

The Penang Hill funicular train is now operational and is able to take tourists up the iconic state landmark.

Last week, it was opened for charity. For RM10, one can go up and down the ride on the new-and-improved funicular train. Children get to go up for free.

On Monday when it was reopen to the public after it was closed for upgrades about a year ago, there were many who decided to take the opportunity to travel with the train. Making use of their day off work, going on a school trip or just simply wanting to be the first up the new ride, which takes about 10 minutes from bottom to top - they just wanna ride it.

From today onwards, it'll be priced at RM8 for Malaysian adults and RM4 for children below 12, while it'll be RM30 for foreigners.

Well, it's more expensive as compared to the RM4 for adults in the past, since time moved on, inflation sets in and hey, there's using new technology. Plus, it's air-conditioned!

But i don't think the corporation in-charge of the train service should charge so high for foreigners, or it might work against them. Even though they might benefit more from the currency exchange, but over-pricing items is not the way to go.... let's hope for a lower price then!

Honestly, what irks me about this is the gargantuan signboard up there. Yes, we know it's Penang Hill... and thank you for obviously stating on it this notice - Projek Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia Kerajaan Barisan Nasional kepada Penduduk-Penduduk Pulau Pinang (translation: A project by the Tourism Ministry of the Barisan Nasional Government for the People of Penang).

You don't have to remind us... i think people read the newspaper or news portals, right?

So, should the people spend a few hundred thousand ringgit to build another billboard underneath that says "Terima Kasih kepadamu" (Thank you... you!)?

Well, whatever it is, let's hope that huge board does not pose a threat to anyone going up the hill.

Do check it out if you're in Penang for a visit or a Penangite who have not gone up the tourist attraction in a long time.

By the way, you can reach the top area of the hill via jeep as well. It's a little more expensive, but the trip's fun and wacky. Or, just hike it from the Botanic Garden!

Anyway, Happy Labour Day and keep on smiling. You would need to go back to work later!

Love & Peace!~