Sunday, October 22, 2006

Kill Two Stones with One Bird.

That's what Alex Woon told me before he and Alex Hooi almost reacted on pouching on me on Friday evening. Before i skipped class and left for Mid-Valley with Sui Li and her friend Wei Yi to get books and lunch.

Interesting what happened before that, after debate and during the discussion. I was told i spoke of weirdly accent when presenting my point. I almost can't remember what i said for that span of six minutes. Perhaps i was on 'd-bait' mode while i spoke.

My group, the Government (conprised of Alex Hooi, Pek Mei and myself) were supporting the motion "free trade should be discussed over the media". But back to discussion; students, mostly fellow juniors were giving their point of view over the topic we spoke about and in regards with the topic the other group debated about.

Then, Dr Carmen pointed out facts, which mostly struck a note in me about the things that are going on around us, and what are the pressing issues we face in our daily life - the pink elephant in the room.

It was from this discussion, it hit me like a train:

1. Read more
Besides the usual intake of manga and the occasional study notes, i guess i need to read more newspapers, events taking place around us and perhaps, novels?

2. Mature up
When you think the person next to you is darn childish, wait till you open yourself to the world, and you'll realise how insignificant you REALLY are. *sigh* Even younger dudes know what they are talking about compared to me. My knowledged is limited, and i should perceive my world better.

I still have a long way to go to be a better individual.

Love & Peace!~



oliver said...

here's the deal (and yes i know this is your blog so is none of my business), however your blog takes so long to load (for dial up at least) most probably due to your photos and pictures and some scripts that needs to be loaded (most probably from your template or from your player) and speaking of your player sometimes it can't play anything....try to keep it simple...God Bless

BlurChu? said...

Will do my best, Oliver. Still experimenting.

Anyway, no problem reading the content in my blog, ya? That's my main concern for now.