Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where Should I Begin?

With many things going on in my life and the pile of workload that comes with it, i can barely have time to blog everything in one sitting.

Good thing i've completed the assignment which i have to hand in tomorrow morning a couple of hours ago. That means there's enough time for this entry and TV!

Let's see. There are a things i want to write about, like going to the European style fun-fair with Pek Mei (she was there for the assignment, i was there for the excitement), animes and manga, what's going on with the people around me, list of things i plan to get, etc.

There's just too many events coming my way, and i'm just keeping my eyes wide open to absorb the rush. Eyelids are getting heavier...

Somewhat, i feel like i'm in Hanataro Yamada's shoe... err... sandals? Pity him, being a nobody and picked on most of the time.

I need to get some sleep real soon to get up for 8am class. *Argh*

"...Drive all night
Never gonna get me
Night by night
To get away from it all
Fight, fight, fight
All you wanna do is hurt me
You wrecked our lives
So i'm gonna have to drive all night..."

Taken from The All-American Rejects' Night Drive

Love & Peace!~


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