Friday, April 29, 2005

The Rojak Series #4

i'm feeling really lethagic now. however, a plate of nasi goreng daging and half an hour of Arrested Development can do the job of keeping me awake...! who am i kidding?! i need to sleep!

anyway, this TRS is a summary of the week:

Item no.1

my maid is gone from the house for good! while it's hectic for my family, at least this irritating-thorn-in-my-side is transported back to where she came from... wherever that IS! so now, my brothers and i have to take care of the house, by ourselves. but i don't mind getting another maid, just not this one!

Item no.2

my exams' over!
oh... i did mention this before, didn't i?

Item no.3

watched THE PACIFIER just now. it was ok lah. a combination of wanting to celebrate me completing my last paper and an urge for a good laugh amde this movie watchable. and i manage to keep myself awake through the whole show. a little predictable, but it's ok lah....

and nobody (except the father, which WAS the reason of the movie) died! what do you expect from a Disney movie?

Item no.4

LATTE@8 had it's last show for the season yesterday! and i was there! i was inside STARBUCKS, and was wearing the orange Youth Alive Malaysia t-shirt with my black bandana. if you did see someone in orange near the stage where Jason interviewed weekly guests, that was me. but the drawback was i barely got to hear what was going on.

Aaron and i removed ourselves from that place just in time to catch POP SHUVIT and LOVE ME BUTCH perform. they rock! and how the series ended for the season was indeed interesting! wished i took a photo with Marion then. *sigh* but there'll still be next time. and next time, we'll be there early.

Item no.5

my back really hurts, and i need to sleep. got to go to work tomorrow. and ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT is a really good series! go watch it! and good night.

Love & Peace!~




my exams are over! this is what i call INDEPENDENCE! today was the last paper, and it's over! but then again, i've just finished the 1st semester exams. well, a temporary independence lah. after a couple of weeks of holidays, and i'll be back for classes in the new semester. oh well, at least there's still a break.

looks like i'm going to try my best to make full use of my time during this break. first of all, by "buying" back my sleep. man, am i tired! and i'll be doing a lot of things during this relaxation period, which involves planning and promoting.

anyway, i going to have my dinner soon. i'll be back with another episode of THE ROJAK SERIES!

so, stay tuned!

Love & Peace!~


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

of cleanliness and hair nose.

check this ARTICLE out.

hmm... since yesterday, i heard about almost everything about being clean... from the newspaper to the radio to the TV. not only appearence is important, but being clean IS important as well. i guess the ladies are nodding their heads as i typed that.

interesting information about me when i was young; i wasn't very fond of cleaning myself when i was in primary school. i was sticky and would just bathe once a day, and i had to force myself to clean up. but all has changed!

as they say, cleaninness is next to godliness. i make sure i'm clean before and after i get out of my house, after i eat, before i eat, etc. hmm... but hair sticking out of my ears or nose isn't a problem i face. in fact, i don't have any friends with those symptoms. have you have friends with long nose or ear hair?

PS i'm almost done with my exams. four down, two more papers to go, and after that, i'll be set free... for a moment. then, will i be free to do more stuff. worry not, Joanne Soo. i'll reply your e-mail ASAP!

Love & Peace!~


this is freaky!

imagine a photo taken as a class farewell photo. wouldn't it send a chill down your spine to see that EVERYONE in the photo looks the same? or will it send you to the ground, laughing hard?

check this out! how a teacher can remember the faces of his students!
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Love & Peace!~


he's here, indeed!

who is?

well, it's Andrew "The Accidental Idol" Tan, who entered Malaysia Idol, of course!

it's been awhile since i heard about him being in UTAR. but everytime i visit the other faculty, FICT at PD block, i can't seem to locate him... till yesterday. just before i left the block with Aaron, i saw him from a far studying with his friends.

and just as i thought that it was a myth, he just appeared sitting and revising! hahaha!~

well, let's hope he can come for CF meetings in the future, though my faculty, isn't near his. can you imagine, the FAS and FICT faculty is located about 20 minutes walk apart from each other? *sigh*

so, what my friends have been telling me was the truth all this while. i'm just subborn headed.

the next audition for Malaysia Idol is coming up. do you have what it takes to be, the NEXT MALAYSIA IDOL?

Love & Peace!~


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Rojak Series #3

Ah… I’ve just finished my 1st paper, Communicative English today. Apparently, I was too sleepy to complete it. Hence, I barely scraped through it. My friends also commented that there isn’t enough time allocated. Anyway, let’s start with TRS:

Item no.1

Ah… I’ve just finished my 1st paper, Communicative English today. Apparently, I was too sleepy to complete it. Hence, I barely scraped through it. My friends also commented that there isn’t enough time allocated. Anyway, let’s… eh?! De javu!

Well, this IS indeed my first item I wanted to talk about… and that’s one down, five more to go. That’s a lot of subjects per semester. And I’m suppose to master most of the Chinese characters I’ve learned within this week! *argh*

but there are a minority of my friends taking English Language subject, making that a total of SEVEN papers needed to be taken this semester. I’m not complaining.

Item no.2

I’ll be replying and also writing e-mails to my e-pals. So, be patient, ok? I’ve really pulled down by this exam.

Item no.3

Read the newspaper lately? Georgetown is losing its name! Yup… that’s what’s been reported on THE STAR, Saturday (16 April 2005, Nation, pg 20). Georgetown might be either rename it “Tanjung” or “Tanjung Penegri.” Ain’t that weird?

Plus, they’re going change the names of other places like Gurney Drive into Tan Sri Wong Pow Nee Drive and Macalister Road to Jalan Arumugampillai. What do you think, especially if you’re from Penang?

Imagine a conversation that went like this:

“I tell you! Food at Gurney Drive are too expensive.... I mean, that place once called Gurney Drive. Or whatever it’s called now.”

More info on that HERE.

Item no.4

NARUTO rocks!

After ended the first volume, people were worried, if Kishimoto Masashi, the artist of NARUTO, would stop drawing NARUTO, and drew another comic. But without failing his fans, he continued NARUTO!

That’s just cool. The story picks up three years after what happened at the end of the first volume. Naruto is now three years more mature… and get ready for more awesome jutsus and fights! I know I am!

Naruto's new look! mind the language, i got it from a fansub website. Posted by Hello

Love & Peace!~


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Rojak Series #2

here's another load of TRS.

Item no.1

my finals are coming. the 1st paper will be held less than 6 days from today. looks like i have to focus on my work, and not fool around! study, study and study... and perhaps relax once in awhile? plus, i might not be updating this blog for awhile during my exam period.

Item no.2

i've watched ROBOTS, and it's good! it's a family movie, and one that might boost your morale lah. do bring your family along to catch this movie. and TRACY lend me HITCH yesterday, and handed me the lyrics for The Hanson's latest album, Underneath. i'm still comtemplating on whether to watch it now or after exams. what say you?

and thanks, Tracy.

Item no.3

on Monday night, my family and i had dinner with my Aunt Teresa, whom i have not met for more than 15 years! it's great to see her, though i vaguely remember her. she brought along her Polish friend, Edmund. my cousin, Hock Lye and his wife, Carmen had dinner with us too. it was great. it's sort of like a family reunion dinner.

at the end of dinner, we took a group photo. it's for my cousins in Canada. i wonder how they are, and how they look like now. and i would like to contact them.

Item no. 4

i'm feeling lethargic. i know that sleeping too long or too short brings fatigueness. but it's not because of that. my body is aching, and i have no answer to this problem. you have any idea why this happened?

Item no. 5

i just watch a documentary, halfway through, on TV just now. and it talked about human memory. in a nutshell, here are some of the needed to boost your memory:

  • Stress (the adrenaline helps!)
  • good diet ( sugar and Omega-3 fats)
  • enough rest!

Item no.6

after the exams, i'll not only update my blog, but i'll ungrade it! i'm gonna either edit the template of this blog, or get a new skin for this blog. plus, i'll add in more links, and cool stuff into this blog. and i'll try my best to standardize my entries. so, stay tuned!~

Love & Peace!~


of plans.


Most people, if not everyone, make plans. Everything from plans for the whole day or an event, to whether to wear that blue t-shirt or green singlet to sleep. We make plans and decisions, subconsciously or not. and it all as it outcomes, whether as expected or not, good or bad. But what happens when the plan doesn’t work as planned?

As you already know, not everything in life sways the way you want it to. Obstacles and circumstances play a role in ruining the preparation. then, your plan as produced an outcome undesireble. Frustrating, eh?

Well, there are options to cope with failed plans. One can anticipate the worst, and come out with Contingency Plan B, C, D, etc. or one can just sit down, and cry all the way (which not surprisingly IS Plan B for some.)

I guess sometimes when a plan doesn’t go your way, it’s good. Don’t you think so? For all you now, it’ll amount to a better outcome. Hmm… probably all success and failure of a plan is part of God’s master plan?

Love & Peace!~


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Rojak Series #1.

funny title? i like it!~

the reason for coming up with such title is because i'll compile a few thoughts i want to say into a post. and it's a mixture of interesting-wacky-melancholy-funny-informative-nonsencial-etc. thoughts. and here goes The Rojak Series (TRJ) #1:

ITEM no.1

i'm done with my oral presentation for Intro to Chinese Language. the conversation part wasn't really good, but i tried my best. at least i got to impress Ms. Chin (and my friends) with my rendition of Wang Lee Hom's Wei Yi. i manage ot pull it off nicely, didn't i?

as i'm a Chinese, i think i should learn not only Mandarin, but Hokkien and Cantonese as well. i should be proud of who i am (though, i wan't ashamed being a "banana" in the first place.) my friend Pek Mei said that it's good to learn up many languages as we're studying in the field of Mass Communication, and it'll definately be a upper-hand for us in the future.

i want to learn, and improve myself!

ITEM no. 2

since the oral presentation (refer above) is my last assignment/test, i should start focusing on the Finals. my first paper falls on the 19th this month.

ITEM no.3

my long-time friend, Ivan Goh, who's currently studying in New Zealand, sent me a very interesting article regarding blogging about your boss. click HERE for details.

how are you, Ivan! nice of you to drop by here. hope to chat with you soon, and take care, ok?

ITEM no.4

i've 2 more classes in the next two days. and i think of watching a movie tomorrow after class, at around 11.00 am at Mid-Valley Megamall. although finals are approaching, i feel the urge of catching a movie, since the last one i watched was CONSTANTINE. i've missed out on many good movies! *argh*

i might catch SEPET. what say you?

Love & Peace!~


Saturday, April 02, 2005


two WRONGs do not make a RIGHT.

three LEFTs make a RIGHT!

and i still can't remember what i want to write about earlier on. frustrating to the bone!

Love & Peace!~


of giggling girls, April Fool's and... i forgot.

31st March 2005

my group had presented our presentation of our "company's" website in Intro to Electronic Publishing, and the whole class was bringing the house (or rather the campus) down with laughters!

our group, WHATEVER COSTUME ENLIMITED, showed to the people the costumes we're have on sale. and when it came to the children section, all the girls were getting loud! i guess toddlers in Winnie the Pooh costume is cute, eh? hmm... i wonder.

Tigger costume
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Eeyore costume
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Mickey Mouse costume. all cute, right.
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1st April 2005

the international day of jokes and pranks, April Fool's Day. click
HERE to find out the origin of this day.

2nd April 2005

and... i forgot what else i wanted to blog here. i guess amnesia is another close friend of mine, besides insommia! hahaha!~

Love & Peace!~