Thursday, October 19, 2006

Die Stuffed or Laughing.

Just came back not too long ago after watching John Tucker Must Die at Cineleisure.

The movie, was darn hilarious. It may not be as hilarious as Talladega Nights, but it's hilarious in a way. Well, at least my IQ points didn't drop.

Can't believe after time and time again being humiliated in front of many peers and people around him, John Tucker just keeps getting more popular. It is as if he's god-like and praised by the high school students, even the teachers!

I'm just waiting for a day to see someone THAT influencial in my campus! But guys wearing thongs is somewhat feastible in the near future.

Had a great time watching it with Joshua Wong, Lai Seng, Sui Li and Tan Jo-Anne. Both Dewgem and Lydia Sim were with us before watch the movie, as we buka puasa at McDonald's at Mutiara Damansara in the evening after CF meeting.

With RM19.90, we ate so many burgers, fries and chicken nuggets, that we're just done with eating at this fast food joint for a couple of months. But at least i ate food worth more than the price i paid, yet it isn't the smartest ideas this week.

Well, i must say, it has been long day today. Will have to start fsating as well. Not to mention, go for the blood donation drive in the campus, have the group discussion with Alex Hooi and Pek Mei and to the funfair outside of 1 Utama with Pek Mei for her feature story assignment after that.

Another eventful day awaits.


Love & Peace!~



Bumps and humps in life. said...

hey man,nice pic of john tucker...wish v really had someone like tat who can parade around uni in thongs n hv all lecturers n gals crazy for him...far-fetched dream but not to worry,bernard tipu is here...lame man,i know...peace man!Cheeeeeeeers!

BlurChu? said...


Nice to see you here, Bernard! And one day, someone like John Tucker will appear in UTAR!

Ridiculous, but somewhat feasible!