Thursday, December 07, 2006

Are We Ready For It?

I'm done with my first paper, and patiently waiting for the next paper next Friday. Praying hard that i could get an A- or a B+ for Feature Writing. But nonetheless, i need to get other things done before the year ends.

"...It's in despair that I find faith
Summon the night to bow down to day
When ignorance is bliss
Save me from myself

And then I see You there
With Your arms open wide and You try to embrace me
These lonely tears I cry
They keep me in chains and I wish they'd release me
Cold is the night but
Colder still is the heart made of stone, turned from clay
And if you follow me
You'll see all the black, all the white fade to grey..."

Taken from Jars Of Clay's Fade To Grey

Interestingly, after the exam on Monday, Dr Carmen distributed this pamplet around to the students;

It's the Freedom of Information (FOI) campaign. Basically, it's a campaign for a legislation that allows access to information - as they are a lot of things that we, the citizens, do not have the slightest idea of what's going on in our country.

Do you have a clue where your tax money goes to?
Is the government being open enough to the public?
What secrets should be consisted secrets?
Why are whistleblowers punished instead of being rewarded?

Anyway, just click HERE for details about FOI.

But then again, for this to actually go through, we need to move away from the typical 'tak apa' attitude that we have. I believe many of us are ignorant, if not indifferent, about the issues that goes on around us.

The only time we take notice of something is only if it has direct effect on our daily routine, not the bigger things that are weightier and indirectly affect us. I guess only when it reaches the critical level-four bio-hazard stage, do we voice out our opinions and concerns.

We really need to take interests in the things that's going on around us. After all, knowledge is power, right?

But then again, it's no use calling the kettle black when the pot himself knows nuts about politics and the government....

"Say what you want, mean what you say
Remember the deepest seeds still find the light of day
Do as you please, and be who you be
I'm telling you, this thing's gonna bring you to your knees

The truth is what we need, it is the end of mystery
You know the truth will set you free
The truth is out there, the truth is out there..."

Excerpt from DC Talk's The Truth

Love & Peace!~


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