Monday, October 30, 2006

Now, Where To?

Last night, about hundred odd church members gather at church to discuss about where the church is heading, literally.

With the committee have decided that the building and land we're buying is the one in Good Shepherd kindergarten is in Ulu Klang, along the MRR2 Highway; which is about another five minutes away from where the church is. A little further for me to travel and much closer to those staying in Bukit Antarabangsa.

The place is quite nice, though it's a slopey and we have to make our way all to the top of the hill. But interestingly, it lives up to the term 'city on a hill'! Plus, there's a stream behind the buildings and the nature environment for both nature lovers and group dancers, like those in the Hindi movies. *Oh yeah*

By the end of the night, majority of the members support the notion of getting that piece of land to be our new location. As the property in question is still in bidding, and with another nine companies competiting to out bid each other, all we as the church can do nothing, except pray and have greater faith (not greater God!) that the management there will sell the land to us.

On another note, i've been worshipping the wrong god too often, namely the Idiot Box!

With the amount of assignments, responsibilities and work, there's only so much i can watch in a day.

"Here in this house of the great king
We come together now to worship him
This house is built on Christ our rock
Cannot be shaken..."

Taken from Hillsong United's Awesome In This Place

Love & Peace!~


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