Saturday, October 30, 2004


I coined this term from Joanne…. Came in quite handy actually. Anyway, I have now a headache, and I need to get some sleep soon. Just had to tell you all something about dinner just now!

I was at Pizza Uno with my family and my father friends, enjoying dinner when an unexpected person came in… DOUGLAS LIM! The actor in Kopitiam and Sketches! It was cool! And I got an autograph from him. Indeed, it was good. Although I wished I had a camera to capture the moment, this is still better than none! In conclusion, support your local artist, because they’re as artistic as the foreign ones, just unsung.

And I want to go to bed soon… I want to exalt Him in church fully awake tomorrow. Good night!

although there isn't a picture of the both of us together, but this is the next best thing!
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this is one of the games i was addicted to when i was at Aaron/Enoch/Hui Wen's house. KINGDOM HEARTS!
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indulging in M&Ms while blogging is cool!~ imm imm will definately be green with envy! and no green M&Ms for you too! hahaha!~
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Love & Peace!~


Thursday, October 28, 2004

where am i now?

Yeah… people have been asking me where I have been nowadays. Uncertain and unaware, people are wondering where on earth am I; literally. The answer is simple. I’m at my friends’ apartment in PJ. I’ve stayed over there for about four days, four days of fun and relaxation. I’ve been indulging myself with small talks, conversations and discussion, food and PS2.
PS2 I say!

While I was here, I manage to finish playing NARUTO, completing all the scenarios and unlocking all the playable characters, including powerful foes like Zaibuzan, Gaara, and Orochimaru! Am I good or am I good? Hahaha!~

Currently addicted to KINGDOM HEARTS! It’s indeed a good game with a really interesting storyline! A must have on your play list if you own a PS2 console. I’ve just solved the Agrabah World, defeated Jafar, but failed to save Jasmine. Thus, the journey of Sora, Donald and Goofy continue!

I’ll be home soon, As soon as possible. But I wish I could stay on to continue the game. There are a lot of things going in this little apartment in PJ. Ergo, another blog to write soon. Please do not chastise me or have rancor against me, for I have not updated my blog for awhile. More interesting stories to come….

Now, let me continue worshipping, I mean, playing Kingdom Hearts!

* can’t load any pictures now without the Hello program here.
** I can now get the pictures from camp!
*** that mean, pictures of me. Me and my long awaited new look!

*Where are we runnin'
We need some time to clear our heads
Where are we runnin'
Keep on working til we're dead
Where are we runnin'
Ooo wee ooo wee oo
Where are we runnin' now*

extracts from WHERE ARE WE RUNNIN', Lenny Kravitz

Love & Peace!~


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

insommia; almost ruined my day!

I want to hit the sack early!

I’m sleepy, tired and cranky. It has been happening for the past few days, and it’s bad for the body. Insomnia, it ruins your daily routine!

I don’t know what triggered this. Definitely not because of going out with Angeline, Joshua and Ernest for a chat a Steven’s Corner yesterday night, though we were both back home early in the morning the next day. But it is blatantly because of poor sleeping habit. Sleeping late and getting up late confused my internal clock. Ergo, I can’t get used to sleeping early now, and I get up late in the day. Guess it’s a butterfly effect to my daily routine. Juxtaposed with a pile of comics didn’t help me fall asleep. And it almost ruined my day today!

I was out with Joshua today. Instead of waking up at 9, I woke up at 12. Panicked, I called Joshua, who was snoozing in bed too about the situation, and we got to KLCC ASAP. Fortunately, we could still go on with our plan, to watch TWO movies! And two movies was it; RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE (RE: A) and LADDER 49.

To keep it short and simple, RE: A is a must watch if you’re into action/adventure/horror freak, watched the first part and played the game before! Notice that they did not use the word *zombie* in the movie!

And LADDER 49 is for those who enjoy drama…. 75 – 80 % of the movie is flashbacks. And from watching the movie, they earn the necessary respect from me as a fireman, for they do face real problems in their own lives. Plus, fire does occur during winter!

Got to sleep now, or my body will ache tomorrow… *yawn*

like Gaara from NARUTO, i'm having insommia too. hopefully, i would have black rings around my eyes! Posted by Hello

The picture i wanted to use in the first place... just got a hold of it. cute, eh? Posted by Hello

Love & Peace!~


Monday, October 18, 2004

Another day in a blogger's life.

Bothering me is a heap of things…. Still need to get a couple of reports done. I’m still unaware of things that are going on around me. And undecided of where I should go to. Those who are close enough to me should understand this.

I guess I’m a person who’s influenced by my feelings, my heart, and not by logic and the brains. Pretty down the whole morning since I got up. Should try to be more optimistic the whole time, and avoid writing/ blogging while I’m there. Afraid I might hurt someone, or say something untrue because of my mood. and i've added a few more things to the blog, like more pcitures at the sidebar, better fonts and colours.... but it's all presentation are just eye-candy. they work hand-in-hand with the blog. but the flesh of the blog is the utmost important thing.

that's why i blog!

Well, with Cheryl added to my list, I officially have 201 friends on Only 20% of them whom I’m not so close to, and one out of four who reads my blog. And not many who knows
what’s going on.

Still writing about the great CF camp I had. This reminds me, I need the photos… and I feel like the next time I post a blog, I should include some words/terms that I just come to know. Like “butterfly effect” is a small change that brings a big consequences. I.e. a butterfly flap in Malaysia causes a hurricane in the U.K.

*sigh* should be as happy and optimistic like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. They are a cool couple!

I want to hit the sack early!I’m tired.

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Love & Peace!~


Sunday, October 17, 2004

dumb things i do!

Of all many moronic things I have done, this was one of the things I can’t forget! I locked my hand phone.

Yes, you read right?
It was just like taking a padlock and locking the cell phone, rendering it useless. Let me fill you in on the details.

on a bored night, I inserted the PIN code, thinking that it was correct.


But instead, I got my phone locked! And I remembered trying to enter the PIN code twice in camp. It failed. I guess the third was a strike, and I was unable to use the mobile phone. Told Leanne and Tracy about it, and Leanne worried that my “fans” couldn’t not contact me. Yeah, I could just imagine them crying and asking why I’m not contactable!

The next morning, I got my dad to call up the centre, and they gave me my PUK code. And eureka, it’s back online! Then, I entered the new PIN code:

And to reconfirm it again:


so, I guess it wasn’t **** in the 1st place. But now I’m sure that the PIN code is **** and it wouldn’t get jammed the next time I enter ****. Hmmm… perhaps the old code was ****? Who knows, eh?

On the right, is the current hand phone i'm using, NOKIA 2300. and on the left is the phone i might get from Iggy, since he's selling it off, NOKIA 3100.

Love & Peace!~


Saturday, October 16, 2004

i cut my hair (PART 4): the reactions.

It’s been about 3 weeks since I got my tail cut off…. Now, I’m just a tail-less monkey. But a monkey, I am! Hahaha!~

Well, the responds were just numerous! Among those reactions were:

“Bernard, you cut your hair!”
“What happened?”
“Why you cut your hair?”
“Nice Hair cut!”
“Why Bernard, why?!”
“You’re getting fatter lah!”
“You’re now a man!”
“You look different….”
“I prefer you with long hair.”
“You owe me RM 3.50”

Remarks, related to the my new haircut or not, just keep hitting me at the face. And the 1st one being the most frequent. Grammatically wrong… but we are staying in Malaysia. *sigh* they are excused cause I did cut my own hair, but the end result was the work of a hairstylist. Probably one would be in a loop of mistake unless taken out and told about it?

The reactions I get since the people in the church saw me with the hair, when I met up with my friends or went for camp. It’s typical, since you’re the only guy-in-the-youth-with-long-hair, eyes are all drawn to you. More attention attracted when the hair’s short.

It would be a surprise for those who have not seen me for awhile. I know people like Melissa and Nigel are dying to see me with my new look. But the biggest shocker would be those who have not read my blog! I guess those are either ignorant, or indifferent.

The unaware ones will go; “eh, you look different?” while the uninterested will be “oh…. New t-shirt?”

Love & Peace!~


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Log of a Camp Commander. (DAY 0)

* Originally entitled “ Mishaps, God’s Blessings and Food”, but it makes the camp sound bad….
** I’ve divided it into several parts, so that I can post other stuff, and not strain your eyes too much!


Yeah, you read it right. It was the day before the camp. A few of us (Enoch, Angel, Hui Wen, Swee Seng and I) went to the campsite to inspect on it before the campers came.

Here is the info about the camp:

UTAR Christian Fellowship 1st camp

Date: 7th – 10th October 2004
Venue: Benum Hill Resort, Raub, Pahang

I was too nervous bout the camp the night before. Ergo, I didn’t get enough sleep. To make matters worse, I reached the LRT station later than expected, the tire of Enoch’s bike burst, and I had to pay a taxi fare of RM 7.50 THAT I'LL NEVER SEE AGAIN from Gasing Indah (Thanks Melissa, for telling me where I was!). And we started to leave for Raub at around 12 pm.

A couple of hours later, we reached Raub, and had lunch there. Swee Seng met up with us there, as it was his hometown, and took us for “cut noodles” (translate this and it means something!)

After leaving our stuff at Swee Seng’s house, we went to the camp site at around 4 pm. Two parties were on our side. Mother Nature was happy with us, and we had to walk around that muddy place, and took shelter when we were there. The other was the camp people there. There were some complications regarding the National Service trainers. Long story short, we didn’t have enough space for our own camp. We had to come up with a contingency plan.

After the unpleasant visit to that camp site, we went and got some snacks, and drove up all the way to Fraser’s Hill. It’s been awhile since I went there. And boy, the trip there can be scary, especially at night. When you thought you were at the edge of the road, you realize that the altitude and limited light is influencing your judgment!

Finally, after an hour plus worth of travel, we were there! Fraser’s Hill! We were happy indeed. But what was bothering us was we weren’t prepared for such chilly weather. I bet people around will be wondering, “what are these five teenagers with shorts and t-shirts doing up here? Are they just feeling to hot?” We just kept that to ourselves, talked among ourselves, and ate dinner without the thoughts of others.

Freezing, indeed…

But we were amazed by the scenery there, and decided to snap a few pictures. So, we took pictures of us, with all kind of post, and creatures there! And the stag beetle I found is awesome! (I wish I had the photos to show it to you now!)

At around a quarter pass 12, we were back at Swee Seng’s crib. While the others hit the sack, Swee Seng and I went to one of the nearest mamak shop and chit chatted. I was taken back by the fact that they serve roti kosong here with chicken curry, unlike the usual KL fish curry, and it’s superb! What was more shocking was the Indian owner was fluent in Hakka!

We went back at 1, got some camp related information from the net, and I was out at around 2 am…. As I was thinking of Dim Sum the next morning, I mean later, I felt into slumber.

To be continued….

Love & Peace!~


Monday, October 11, 2004

i'm back!~

i have arrived home, in one piece, still sane and hungry as usual.

well, i really enjoyed myself at camp. the things i've brought back from the camp are:

1. 17 mozzie bites on my right arm, 9 on the left.
2. an aching right shoulder.
3. agonizing pair of legs.
4. a splitting headaching
5. all-fired-up heart for God!
6. endless lessons to look back.
7. memories....
8. a heck of a story!

i'll write about what happened in camp soon. right now, i'm straving... where's dinner?

Love & Peace!~


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Of camp and cereals.

It seems that supermarkets do not accept goods that are three months away from expiring. So apparently, that stuff can be purchased at a cheap price. And my dad, who knows some contacts, eventually bought a few dozen boxes of cereals!

We had it for breakfast, second breakfast, snack time, tea time and supper…. And we have to eat it all up even though it has passed the date of expiry. And if my brothers and I do not get bowel discomfort for eating bad food, it must be eating one bowl too many.


Anyway, I’ll be going off on a camp tomorrow (err… that’s today. cause it’s Wednesday today!). and I’ll be in Raub, Pahang for the UTAR Christian Fellowship 1st camp! Hopefully, all will run smoothly, and it’ll be an enjoyable one! I’ll document day by day on what’s going on there. the camp will go on from the 7th to the 10th. a few of us will be going there early to make sure things are ok there....

that means, from today till Sunday, i would have any connection to the Net. no e-mailing, no blogging, no net surfing.... away from civilization! anyway, I'LL BE BACK! and i bet most of them will be asking me, "why i cut my hair" during the camp! what a surprise for those who have not read this blog before or seen me recently!

Hmmm… maybe I can break a few boxes of cereals with me to the camp?

Love & Peace!~


Monday, October 04, 2004

Urban Legend

Have you ever heard of one? Probably you have heard of tales that’s too unbelievable to be true spread through e-mails or from daily conversations. Some are really, while others, most of the time is crap.

So, there’s this series now showing on Discovery Channel called MYTHBUSTERS. In this series, they try to prove whether any myths or urban legends are true or false. The one I watch was about CAR JATO and Pop Rocks & soda.

Ok, POP ROCKS & SODA is the interesting one. It was about this boy, Mikey (from an American ad or TV show) that drank six tins of soda, and later half a dozen packets of POP ROCKS (those kinda candy where it sizzles in your mouth, called Magic Pops here in Malaysia). Then, he has a stomach discomfort, and his stomach blew!

True or false?

Does attempting the stunt above causes your stomach to rupture? Answer, NO. then, I got a crazy idea… to follow the exact thing, but with lower risk.

So, I bought a tin of soda and a packet of Magic Pops. Nervously, I gobble down the packet. Still taste the same since the last time I took it years ago. Then, came the drinking part…. Was a little nervous, but I put myself together and…

*BURP* I’m still in one piece. It’s proven that it’s just another urban legend, again!

Lessons learned:

1. Most urban legends are not true! Just legends!
2. Grape and Peach flavor don’t go well.
3. Soda + Magic Pops = lots of gas!


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Love & Peace!~



a couple of weeks back, Kevan and I were off to His Santuary of Glory (HSG). another church located in Klang.

why, you ask?

why take all the trouble going to somewhere far away, with little knowledge of how to reach there in one piece for a church service? and there's combined youth service back here in Revival Centre?

two words: PLANET SHAKERS.

yes, the band who came out with albums like PHENOMENA, OPENTH UP THE GATES, REFLECTOR, RAIN DOWN and other cool albums! this group came all the way from Australia, and they really rock!

anyway, both of us were set to go to HSG. a *map*, a blue Kancil and a bottle of water, we were set to go to somewhere-we-have-been-before-by-ourselves. was it hard? well, by faith, a few wrong turns and a couple of calls to Sharon, we finally reached there in one peace.

was it good? yeah! they ROCKED! but frankly, any group can play as good, if not better, than them. but what sets them apart?

THEIR FAITH, and who they are playing for. the concert held was not to promote themselves, or to show off they talents and skills, but to sue them to serve God, and His people. to make full use of the gifts blessed unto them for His glory. they did it all, for HIM. and after the music session, was the talk about breaking down the walls, the Walls of Jericho (Joshua 6). and that's why they ROCKED!

and there, i got to meet again friends like Joanne, i have not seen for awhile, Sharon , who came to Revival Centre the Sunday before, Stephen, who was in our youth meeting the Firday before, Fionna, Ronald, Ivy, Michelle and Rueben! not to forget Agnes, who was introduced to us while makaning supper (i CAN'T REMEMBER THE PLACE!) it was great meeting up with them.

so, was it worth skipping our own youth meeting to attend a concert. this was worthwhile. at least, i wasn't just lazing around, watching the TV....

*Rain down on me
Rain down on me
Here in Your presence I am free
Pour down like rain
Come and touch me again
Lord let Your presence fall on me*

extracts of RAIN DOWN, Planet Shakers

Love & Peace!~


Saturday, October 02, 2004

my blog: RE-editted again!

i've been upgrading my blog today... and it took me a couple of hours doing it. boy, was i exhausted!

there was a lot of editting to the template, and it was confusing indeed! after trial and error, i've produced what you're seeing now.

1. a much better and improved chatterbox!
2. pictures on the sidebar!
3. added links!

well, i've gotta thank all the people who has helped visited and contributed (unofficially) to my blog. and those people are Zhi-Yong and Mei... i've pillage a few codes from your blog... ok or not? anyway, i'm adding MEI into my LIST OF BLOGS I READ!

it's kinda hard to cipher all the source codes together. thank goodness i had lessons on website designning, and i can identify some of them. hence, i can update this blog. unfortunately, i can't improve it anymore without jeopardizing my whole blog.... little by little lah.

for all those who are reading this, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!~

Love & Peace!~


Friday, October 01, 2004

when sin takes over.

this is Sasuke (from NARUTO), and what happens to him when the cursed seal he was *given* is activated! he goes amok. he does become stronger, and faster. but at the same time, he lose himself, and totally becomes another person, who enjoys tormenting others.

for me, this is just another metaphor of sin in our life...

i imagine this as one having sin(s) in his/her life. it's there for a long time, and the more you indulge yourself in it, the more it takes over you. it eats you alive, and you may not feel it coming. you may like the feeling, but sooner or later, it'll take over you, and you wouldn't be youself anymore.

so, get your sins forgiven! for you might not know, when you'll lose yourself....

Love & Peace!~


it's a FRIDAY!~

It’s 5:30 pm now. My annoying little brother is disturbing me from using the computer.

*Shoo fly, shoo!*

Got up a little late this morning…. Or rather, this afternoon. It took a couple of calls to get me out of bed. I should be getting out of bed earlt in the morning! it's better that way! And I got up on the wrong side of the bad, resulting with me having a bump on my head. Played METROID FUSION on the computer, and then surf the Net and chatted with some people via MSN Messenger.

A little bored? Maybe. But I have combined Home group meeting later in the evening. My brothers and I are gonna leave for church at around 7:30 pm. I wasn’t there last week, so I don’t know what happened. Speaking of last week, I was with Kevan at His Sanctuary of Glory. I think I should write a journal about it… soon!

Anyway, I’ve got the latest issue of ONE PIECE (or BUDAK GETAH), issue 23. And finally, the Straw Hat Pirates save the day again! The Alabasta empire is safe from the clutches of Baroque Works, and rain poured down for the 1st time after three years!

Like it is raining now as I am writing this log. I should write a couple of movie reviews since I’ve watch a couple of new movies recently. Just waiting for movies like SKY CAPTAIN & THE WORLD OF TOMORROW, RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE, and MAN ON FIRE… and some other movies….

Looks like I have to get ready for the meeting later!

Love & Peace!~