Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Lame Punisher: Feel The Power!

Some time ago, during the CF planning retreat, David Heng decided that Dewgem should get herself a paper-fan to whack the lame committee members, in case any lame jokes/acts came about during CF meetings.

And introducing Full Metal Panic! Fumuffu anime to half the CF comittee, they've got the gist of how Chidori Kaname uses the fan to punish Sousuke Sagara for being too serious.

Chidori Kaname and THE FAN! Full Metal Panic! - the manga.

However, the idea was left under wraps... till this week! David has invented the Lame Remover. And now, with some old paper, glue and tape, i manage to construct the Lame Punisher!

The Lame Punisher Ver. 1.02

- It has a long, flimsy, curved hilt.
- User can only utilise 45% of it's power

Later, more adjustments and improvement have been added into the Lame Punisher. And here's the result:

The Lame Punisher Ver. 2.0

- It's firmer
- Hilt has been shorten
- It's LOUD!
- User can now utilise 80% of it's power

It takes one to really sync with the fan to increase the power to 100% or more! There are many lame people around, but only few can wield the power of the Lame Punisher.

Be prepared for a w(h)acky fun time during CF meetings!

Love & Peace!~


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