Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Coming to Senses.

Nope, I'm not dead yet.

Currently, i have two assignments to deal with, a performance to prepare for, and tonnes of responsiblities in hand. Oh, and Ernest is back for the semester break, and David Heng is hanging out here for a few days.

Coming back to responsiblities, i really want to get this off my chest - people should have a chance to choose what post/department they would want to be in, because they are willing to. Being able to is another subject. But one shouldn't dump responsibility to somebody else just like that! At least, one could INFORM BEFORE HAND what the others are doing before anything happens, and get a concide agreement.

I believe that how mutual trust happens. You don't do things behind people's backs!

I'm just unsatisfied and frustrated with how somethings are done by managements.

(P/S If you don't get what i mean, good for you. If you are not the one i'm talking about and you're feeling it, you're just being perasan. IF you're the one and you're feeling it, this is memang my thoughts!)

"...When all that you wanted
And all that you had
Don't seem so much
For you to hold on to
For you to hold on to
For you to belong to..."

Taken from Jet's Hold On

Love & Peace!~


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Sui Li said...

Hey, take it as a form of serving. You will benefit from it and learn a thing or two about it. Look at the positive side. :)