Thursday, August 26, 2010

A centurian - Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa, pix from Wiki.

I wanted to jump for joy knowing that my paycheck for the month has been cashed in, but it's best not to, to keep calm and observe this day.

Today, marks the 100th birthday of the noble woman, who had gone out of her way to help the poor, and lived a humble peasant's life, doing great things for humanity in India. To read more about her, click HERE

Anyway, on Saturday, there will be a screening of several movies and documentary about this wonderful lady in KL. Click HERE for the story.

And in conjunction of her 100th birthday, a mass was held in honour of her.

I would have not know about this, had not someone on behalf of Signis (World Catholic Media Professionals Association) Malaysia sent me a text message, with a quote from her - "If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one."

God bless her, and everyone!

Love & Peace!~  

Monday, August 23, 2010

One good advice after another.

Without guidance, we are no different that lemmings following one another to their inevitable death from walking off a cliff.

I thank God for friends and people around me, who are there giving advises, consult and help in time of need.

Especially with the countdown moving, and the wedding date looms closer, there are still things to be planned, confirmed, revised and settled, which both Melissa D and i are still fumbling about.

While i was back in KL, i manage to catch up with Justin, about his life as a father and job in HELP. And i'm inspired by him on his advises given.

Although i didn't get a chance to meet several friends, but it is all good. After all, the main reason i was down in KL was to retrieve my 'new' car (which i will blog about ASAP) and to send Rowen back home (and face his father! HAHAHA!)

Back in KL, my dad and step-mom did give me a some advice about the wedding dinner and the housing in the future, with some disagreement and argument in between. But it's all good as nothing was held back and no grudges were kept.

Even back here, my friend, a photographer working for a rival company, shared many tips and gold nuggets on wedding planning and investing in a good house to stay in the future. I was taken aback and had a better insight of things.

So, for now, both of us will be planning for the wedding and confirming things ASAP, within two (or three) months to come while putting the house search on the island on hold.

Whatever it is, i give God all the glory and praise. With His wisdom, strength, love and courage, we can move forward!

Love & Peace!~  

Monday, August 16, 2010

It could have been ok, but let's count our blessings, ya?

I've managed to find a room to rent a couple of weeks back... just to move out, again!~

Yes, the person who rented the flat here had some arguments with the person who owns the unit. He, another housemate and i, had to move out by the end of this month. To make matters worse, we were told to move out by this Saturday, in the next few days. *sigh*

Praise the Lord that there are friends (in high places, and) all around us. Friends offered to look for budgeted rooms for me to stay, while some even allow me to stay in their place.

Tonight, i'll be going to my friend's house in Batu Uban to clean some rooms. Why? Because he's renting out of his rooms for me to stay up for this year. While another church friend is getting a place to get his work done and a room for me to live in as well in the next couple of months.

Honestly, i thank God for his providence, and i'm learning to have more faith in Him. Taking leaps of faith every now and then is good, eh?

The place i that i'm staying at the moment has old people swarming it. Day in and day out, there is people sitting by the bench at the ground floor of the flat. And they sit there, either chatting, drinking, snacking, resting, observing or absolutely doing nothing.

I really wish i had their time, to do more things. Unfortunately, we're bound to the same rule - everyone gets only 24 hours per day; no more, no less.

Well, going to get my new car (well,sort of) in a few days' time. Well, it's a simple car, which i pray will take me from Point A to Point B safely.

As long as i can move safely, i'm good. All glory to God!~

Love & Peace!~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When courting, do remember....

Being in this courtship with Melissa D for more than two years, as well as observing other couples and getting advises from more senior couples, i learnt a lot of things. Some, i've implemented in my own relationship, while others, i wish i did before.

Here a few gems:

- Be serious about the relationship, with both individuals looking into marriage. If it's casual, don't make promises... and if it's for the sake of being 'friends with benefits', forget it - he's interested in getting in your pants, not a commitment!

- Get married as soon as you can. Don't leave the damsel hanging, waiting for you to pop the question.

- Get blessings from parents from both sides. You'll need it.

- Have the same vision and dreams, if possible. Nothing's worst than both individuals running against each other in the future.

- Have the support from the your other half - both of you need it!

- Be committed, for best or worst!

- Get a house to stay in after getting married. It's best to get the place before the wedding.

- Do not enter the marriage with debts from the wedding, or the relationship might suffer over the financial problem.

- Do not have an extravagant wedding ceremony. Do it within your means.

- Love one another, as you love God.

- Advises from others are good, but it's the couple who determines what's best.

We're still learning as we proceed towards marriage, and i pray that this relationship will be a testimony to others out there.

Love & Peace!~