Friday, January 28, 2005

of e-mails and MSN messenger users.

this is my desktop. check out my MSN messenger! it's a norm to see this many people on a Friday night. but the same figure appears at around 2-4 am during the holidays!
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it has been awhile since my e-pals have replied e-mails i have sent to them. saddening lah, since i enjoy sending e-mails and receiving e-mails. ( not to be confused with sending forwarded e-mails messages, ok?) and no one has send me a reply. i feel hopeless. it feels like everybody either have forgotten about me, or think i'm non-existent. anyway, if you have an itchy hand to send e-mails, you can send an e-mail and be my e-pal.
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and the second part of my blog is about MSN Messenger. (i have wanted to write this for awhile now....)

i've noticed, during the holidays last year a lot of people have been going online till the wee hours of the day. and it seems like most of the MSN messenger users are on at night till the time the cock crows! i mean, midnight onwards is the peak hours for chatting online. what has happened to this people? have they turned into owls during the holidays?
socializing by day, sleeping by night.

the reason i was there to witness this strange phenomena is because i was either replying my e-mails, or couldn't get some shut eyes then.

speaking of e-mails, i'm patiently waiting for them.

and for shut eyes, i want some of them now!

Love & Peace!~


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