Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Day 2 (for those in school!)

it's Tuesday, 4th of January 2005. it signifies the second day of school for many school kids and dudes. my brother, Ernest is one of them. i can imagine, Standard One students, coming into school for the first time, still wanting their parents to be by their side in this strange room, sitting juxtaposed to soon-to-be-good-friend-or-horrible-enemy classmate. a normal scene. but i guess with the recent tragedy, many schools will be putting up counselling classes, to consult and comfort students who were involved with the tsunami.

hmm... it's also a new semester for the students of UTAR. and for many, they're now stationed in a new venue. i'll be going to the new campus in Sg. Long tomorrow, to see how cool the place is. apparently, the new residents of Sg Long are enjoying themselves there, despite earlier comments about the place being outdate and not in line with time. i want to see my friends again!

and as i'm typing this, i'm sick. must be the delayed effect from HUGE camp. well, it was worth it lah, i mean the camp! can't do anything extreme for now, and might skip swimming later. my throat hurts, and i think i need to rest. i'm REALLY sick.

oh, i'll be posting up more photos from HUGE Camp by today, hopefully!

Love & Peace!~


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