Tuesday, February 01, 2005


i just came back from prayer meeting at church, and i found my brother Ernest at the front door, being stalked by this thing. it was bugging my brother, that even the milk and food given was left untouched, and insisted of entering the house. i had to intervine!

i entertained this unwanted guest for awhile. mind you, i just came back after a long day in university and coming back home after almost 14 hours out of this house. but it insisted on wanting to come into my house. with it's motive unknown, it was persistence to see what my un-interesting place have to offer.

but after playing with it for a while, i have decided to leave this fellow outside, on the pillar, ignoring its cry. it is now disorientated as i'm typing this blog.

"Meow! Meow!~"

* an apology to all cat and kitten lovers alike, for if you think what i done is cruel. i was out of ideas then. i was irritated!

Love & Peace!~


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