Saturday, January 01, 2005


yes! it has finally come, what many have waited for... the arrival of the new dude on the block, Year 2005 A.D.!~

well, i'm now sitting at home, blogging, when some people think i'm bored at home. i'm NOT, Michelle! i'm neither bored NOR BORING!~ *sigh* i've been watching the CSI marathon on AXN, and also replying many text messages. apparently, MAXIS is over-crowded or something, and i can't seem to send any messages to MAXIS users.

anyway, the new year as come... what was i doing to usher the New Year? well, i was in church for the Watch Night Service. i was involved with the Praise & Worship team, playing the bass guitar! there were great testimonies testified, and Pastor Luis Cabral (i finally got his name right!) preached. his sermon was about our future, the future we have in God. because with God, there's always HOPE, a happy, confident, expectation of good, in our future! oh, yeah! what a message to hear for the end/beginning of the year! therefore, he has preached his FIRST sermon of the year!

well, i'll be involved in the P&W tomorrow in the FIRST church service of the year, as the back-up service, for the FIRST time this year! hahaha!~

A MUSIC CANTEEN CHRISTMAS is playing on my Windows Media Player now. it's great, and features good talents like Juwita Suwito, Altered Frequency, Fallen Leaves, Tempered Mental, One Buck Short, etc. on it, and it's worth getting hold of it. i borrowed this noisy, but interesting album from Oliver. speaking of Juwita Suwito, i got her album, BRAND NEW WORLD from HUGE CAMP, at RM 21, with her autograph on the CD! she's gifted and she rocks! a must get CD!

oh, i'm gonna write about HUGE Camp soon. till then, enjoy everyday, the whole year with God's blessing, ok?

Love & Peace!~


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