Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Day 2 (for Jan 2005 intake undergraduate).

eh, deja vu!~ this topic sounds familiar!

anyway, IT IS the second day for me as a Journalism, FAS student. yes, your are reading it right. Journalism, FAS (Facutly of Arts & Social Science). that's the course i'm taking. and i've been through Day 2, as a Jan 2005 intake student. fun? you bet!

till today, i've attended a few classes, like Communicative English, Introduction to Mass Communication, Introduction to Electronic Publishing, etc. well, the lecturers are entertaining lah, and they encourage the students to participate in class. and my Malaysia Culture lecturer, Mr Lee, is really funny and knows how to draw the attention of his students. a little blur, but he's great! can't wait to be in his class again!

and i'll be attending Introduction to Chinese class tomorrow. yes, your eyes aren't blurring out again. i'm taking this class this semester (it's part of the syllabus, i can't retaliate!) and i'm going to learn to speak Mandarin and write Chinese charaters! a shocker to some... i understand. i'm shocked too!

and i'm anticipating Christian Fellowship (CF) tomorrow! can't wait for it! bringing a few new found friends with me. speaking of friends, i met and spoke to my new classmates and some friends in FAS. and as i mention about friends, i thought of friends who are now in Sg Long. i wonder how they are, for i really miss those crazy fellow, especially those who climbed up with me to UTAR from CPS, TAR College. i want to see them again!

my back hurts. i guess it'll be another great day given by God for me to enjoy. i'll rest for now.

Gensomaden Saiyuki: Best Collection
the CD i'm listening to now. i've been looking high and low for this, and it's here! hahaha!~
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