Sunday, January 23, 2005

green flames and updates.

you know the colour of the fire when you switch on the stove, right? it's BLUE, for those who has not been into the kicthen or are still living in caves with lots of dry twigs and dead leaves.

surprisingly, i've discovered that the shove in my kitchen is able to produce GREEN FLAME. weird, eh? i only found out about this abnormality when i was cooking some noodles just now, and to my amazement, the fire wasn't blue, but green in colour!

could someone tell me how that could have happened? my brother told me that some stuff got spilled on the stove, causing this strange phenomena. what do you think?

i've just updated my blog. i've entered an entry (this one lah!) and also a few new blog links, like blogs of Freddy, Cassandra, Joshua and Lai Seng. didn't know that Lai Seng had a blog till i surfed through his website. well, which blog is worth checking out, you wonder? my personal humble opinion: ALL OF THEM!

Love & Peace!~



LynX said...

Its caused by higher temperatures, i think. I've seen it several times when i burn those paper offerings to the ancestors on All Souls Day. The greenish flame only becomes visible when the fire has been burning for several minutes, when the temperature becomes pretty intense.

BlurChu? said...

hmm... interesting.

and everyone is asking me to get the gas cylinder changed!