Wednesday, January 05, 2005

forgiving not and forgetting always.

it's stated in the Bible that we are to forgive our debtors, and God forgives our debts. to forgive those who has trespassed us. to forgive those who presecute us. love your enemies.

i was quarrelling with my brother just now, something that we siblings have in common. and after arguing with him over some petty stuff, he just stare at me. why? wasn't he happy with my final decision? then did i realise; i didn't apologize for what i did. saying "sorry" to him was the furthest thought in my mind then.

as i'm typing this entry, i feel guilty. (i don't mind typing about incidents like this, since my brothers will probably never ever visit this blog!) knowing me, i'm an apologetic person, forgetting what has happened, and hold no grudges.

but i couldn't say a simple sorry to my brother. how selfish of me.

how can i stand to witness as a follower of Christ, with such blemish on me. can i testify to others about my life with this hindering me? i have to make right with God about this matter. bout my brother... well, no need to tell him things like this, for at the heat of the battle, many unneeded, senseless things are thrown at each other. and if i forgive him for what he has said and done, likewise he'll do the same. or would he?

"be kind to one another, tended heart, forgiving one another. Even as God in Christ has forgiven you."
Ephsians 4:32

"... if repentance is the road to healing,
forgiveness is the promised land,
i'm reaching out in my convictions
i'm longing to make amends..."

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Love & Peace!~


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