Thursday, January 13, 2005

of blackouts and Bambi eyes.

i was shocked by the weird equipment that started humming violently in the AHU room near the DSA today. being cautious, i stepped a few feet further the room, as Aaron mindlessly walked pass by it without a care in the world. then, we entered the dark Department of Student Affairs (DSA) office to get some poster certified.

eh, the office is dark? shouldn't that place be brightly litted as students come in to inquire or throw in any complains?

oh, looks like there was a lack of electricity in the DSA block. there wasn't an current in PC Block either. same goes to the PD Block. wait a minute... there wasn't an electricity in the whole of KL! it seems that many parts of KL, Klang Valley and southern Malaysia were strucked by this catastrophe.

as i returned to PC Block, students were all outside the building. friends saying that even the PUTRA and STAR LRT aren't in motion. it was also rumored to last as long as two days or more.

the whole event reminds me of a scene from Neon Genesis Evangelion, where the whole Tokyo 3 was cut off of it's power supply to fuel the sniper rifle for the Evangelion Units to battle the 5th Angel. (or was it the 6th Angel?)

some of the students were disorientated by the event. others were looking for lecturers, in hope that their classes can be cancelled. i was one of them. and as we meet our Introduction to Chinese lecturer, Ms Chin, we begged her to postpone the class to another day. with Bambi eyes, and sweet talking, we manage to persuade her (one of the many pros being in Mass Comm!) i got off early today, as some tutorial class were still on despite the heat and lack of visibility. hahaha!~

as i was in the bus, i overheard the news on Radio 4 through my handphone. looks like the power's back on in most of the parts effected by the sudden shortage of power. as i wonder if i should have stay a little longer in university for the next class, the phone battery died.


Evangelion Unit 01. pilot by Shinji Ikari, this giant mecha took up the sniper to destory the 5th Angel. the ammonition: the power supply of Tokyo-3.
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Anonymous said...

bambi eyes? hmm. U sure it's bambi eyes? I don't recall. The only time I've evr heard tat was frm a Miss World competition or somethin... and it was a way of 'flirting'. Weird somehow. I can't remember wat the rite word for it was anyways... & I haven't yet experienced a blackout recently. ?? Must b something wrong wif MY world.

BlurChu? said...

hmmm... obviously you don't read enough comics, like ZITS! that's where I got the espression from.

and the blackout didn't occur in all over Malaysia! i doubt you don't read newspaper a lot too!

who are you? tell me, please?