Friday, December 31, 2004

traumatic tragedy.

till today, the death toll has rised to more than 130,000 victims. that's how much the recent quake, tsunami has claim up-to-date. yeah, and i am as shocked as you to see how many life just vanished as quick as the tidal waves came in.

i was at camp when i heard the news, and saw on tv how fruocious the incident was. i was dumbfounded. this is an event that wouldn't be off people's minds for a few months to come.

why did this happened? i don't know? why does God allow this to happened? i don't know. but what i know is there IS a reason/purpose why it did. i guess only God knows. but i'm not pulling my faith of God because of this. everything happens for a reason.

but a question arises: how close are we to the end?

Gurney Drive, Penang.
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Phuket, Thailand. look at how huge the wave is!
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how is it like, in the town of Phuket.
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Sri Lanka.
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the tsunami's wild!
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the waves going into the streets.
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Love & Peace!~


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