Tuesday, December 21, 2004

FRUITS BASKET, the review

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i bet you people have heard of the fable of how the chinese animal zodiac came about, right?

well, one day, god told the rat that there's a feast in the heavens the next day, and was told to tell the other animals about the feast. so, the rat told all the animals, and decided to lie to the cat. the rat told the cat that the feast was to be held on the day after the next. and the cat was decieved! the next day, all the animals when up to the heavens. the rat reached the heavens 1st, after riding on the cow, followed by the cow, tiger, rabbit, yadda, yadda, yadda. but the cat was left out. that's roughly how the animal zodiac came about without the kitty in it.

since it was the holidays, i've decided to watch this series of anime, FRUITS BASKET, as my friend, michelle, said it was very, very nice and funny! oh, and the lead guy's name's YUKI! i hate that name (if you are a guy)! it's not a guy's name! *yucks!*

anyway, the story revolves around this gal, Tohru Honda, as she an orphan staying in a tent after her mom passed away. (check out the anime if you wanna know more!) and it seems that she has been living on the land of the Souma family, and Yuki Souma (err... he's the most adored *Prince* in the high school.) and he's cousin, Shigure Souma stays. (and the Souma family has a curse! hahaha!~ but lmore about this later. ) the weird thing about Yuki is that, although he really popular in school, he doesn't like to miggle around people, especially with the opposite sex! he doesn't like to be near them, and once rejected a girl who wanted to hug him! then, later, Kyo Souma, another cousin of yuki came showed up in his house, and fought with Yuki... and as expected, kyo loss to yuki, again. after the fight, Tohru accidently hugged Kyo, and...


kyo turned into a cat! and accidently *hugged* Yuki and Shigure, and they respectively turned into a mouse and a dog! it seems that the siblings of the Souma family are cursed with the animal zodiac! and if hugged by the opposite sex, he/she will turn into an animal! there's a total of 26 episodes for this anime, and i think that this anime was adopted from the manga. more characters (or cousins) are introduced as the story unfolds. like Momoji Souma, the kid who enjoys wearing girl's dresses (i know... WEIRD!), the-all-mad-about-Kyo Kigure Souma, Yuki's older-crazy-and-of-more-confidence-than-an-average-human brother, Ayame Souma, and many other cousins.

it's really very funny. has almost every basic japanese humour in it! a good anime to get your mind off whatever you were doing. and it's not only funny, but almost each episode has a lesson or a food for thought. some where very meaningful, that i almost broke in tears! it teaches a little about life, and how to interact and accept people the way they are, to make the best of every situation, and many more meaningful lessons!

plus, the opening theme is rather slow, and relaxing. i like it! the only drawback i see in this anime is that it's more orientated for girls! and many of the guys in there are either *too pretty* or *too feminine*! *argh* but i see the glass as half full!

so, if you have nothing to do, or just an anime freak waiting for something to watch, this is just what the doctor ordered!

Characters from FRUITS BASKET! (from left) Kyo, Shigure, Tohru and Yuki.
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another picture from FRUITS BASKET. interesting umbrellas!
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