Saturday, December 25, 2004

the eve to a busy, wonderful day.

hmm... it's kinda interesting what happened yesterday.

well, i was suppose to get up early yesterday, since i had an appointment with Angel to discuss about the CF activities in Sg. Long faculty at 9:00 am, and later watch a movie with Aaron and Enoch. KUNG FU HUSTLE was the suggested movie.

i got up at 10:40 am, when Stephen called me, enquiring whether i was free or not? i told him i was free to meet up with him. so, it was set, to see him in Sg. Wang at 12:30 pm. time was later changed to 1:30 pm because he wanted to meet some other friend.

called Aaron, and told him the possibility to watch the movie later. he said see how things go.

was in Sg. Wang at 1:00 pm. called up Aaron to get for me the t-shirt from the shop Esther was working at. apparently, Lydia, her twin, was there too, and i couldn't get the t-shirt i wanted for a cheaper price, neither can i get it in red. at least it's RM 33 worth my cash!

met up with ever-funny-and-wacky Stephen, and later had lunch with him, and his friends, Elmon and Ian (don't know if it's the right spelling... cause Ian's a girl!). talked about Omegatrend, which sounds really, really interesting and worth investing in, but was more interested in the fact that this young couples are Christians who have great testimonies to share... i mean, beside the ones regarding their business. at least i felt comfortable with them, compared to some people i talked before about business, cause there wasn't any "real" fellowship there.

followed and helped Stephen with shoes selections later, and had lunch at KFC. finally, got my TEENVANTAGE card upgraded to TAG Card. had an insightful and deep talk with Stephen. gave me a better view of a church youth and what we need to do for it. really helpful!

later, we went around shopping for presents (yes, guys DO shop!). and when to Masjid Jamek and Central Market to look for more stuff. Sg Wang was crowded by 8:00 pm, with passerbys, sellers and lots of snow-sprays-in-a-tin. got a red Hawaiian shirt for caroling later (should have bought the RM 7 one instead of paying RM 8 more for a pocket on the shirt! SILLY ME!).

made my way to Kevin and Rachel's place by 10:00 pm, and lightly feasted and chatted there, with Angeline, Mabel, Russell, Silas, Xiang Xing, Xiang Gin, and the hosts. went back slightly before 12 am, and talked to Angeline about being in UTAR.

anyway, took my shower (and the clock striked 12! first time celebrating Christmas in the toilet!) and chatted with people like Yih Ren, Weng Woy, Boon Gee, Kelvin, Sharon, Karen, and Pooi Chin! oh yes, Pooi Chin wanted me to mention her name in my next blog. so...

POOI CHIN <------ your name in my blog! yippie!


anyway, it's a big day tomorrow. i'm involved with praise & worship band, playing the bass, and later doing the presentation for the services (including for POWER KIDS!) later at night, there'll be caroling! and lots of sms and electonic greetings to reply back!

oh, what fun day it is today! for it's your birthday, JESUS!~

and let me get some sleep... gosh, it's 3:25 am!~

Love & Peace!~


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