Wednesday, December 22, 2004

a challenge!

it's 4:10 am in the morning now.

just got back from a drink with Justin and Michelle. and i drank a cup of iced Milo and bandung ais. no teh ais, or ice tea. in my fourth day of no-tea-drinking week. i'm abstaining for teh ais.

yes, abstaining from tea!

and yes, a confession to make; i am a TEA ADDICT! although i prefer tea over coffee when being asked, i tend to drink a cup of tea too much. i'll be ordering teh ais 9 out of ten times. it comes automatically and i unconsciously order that drink each time i sit down in the mamak stall or the malay stall. and i think i'm getting addicted to this stuff.

therefore, this challenge arises. i'll try to avoid drinking anything that has tea in it. i'm coffee intolerent, so trying not to drink coffee is a piece of cake. and i'm trying to see how my body reacts to the lack of tea.

what do you think the results would be? will i be able to pass this challenge? stay tuned!

teh ais, my addiction!
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iced tea.... maybe iced lemon tea. whatever it is, it doesn't change the fact that there's TEA involved!
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Love & Peace!~



natz said...

abstaining from tea?!?!
I love tea!
I'm gonna start the "protect tea rights" movement here!
Drink tea... drink tea... drink tea... drink tea...

(actually, tea's my line of least resistant principle - to drink when you don't know what to order or you can't communicate with the coffeeshop guys)

BlurChu? said...


i have to agree with you, Anna... anyway, do like the JAMUAN TEH BOSTON lah... oh, wait. that'll just be a waste of crates of tea...

anyway, next time, order MILO PING! hahaha!~