Tuesday, December 21, 2004

CAM CAM: the CF Planning Retreat.

* this will also be posted up in the CF website, www.utar.shyper.com!
** pictures will be in soon.
*** CAM CAM, as it is a CAMp in CAMeron Highlands!

(DAY 1)

It’s Saturday, 11th December, 5:30 am, and Aaron’s awake. It’s the day of the CF planning retreat in Cameron Highlands. All three of us, Hui Wen, Aaron and I, packed the essential stuff, and went off to PD block, where we were suppose to gather there at 6:30 am, according to someone. Reaching at 6:30, Leanne, Martha and Mary were only there. Oh, the Malaysian timing strikes again!

Well, we got off UTAR grounds after getting proper information and some breakfast (courtesy of Ms Stephanie!). I was in the Kembara with Lai Seng, Ms Siew Peng, Leanne and Martha. With good weather and minimum traffic on our side, we went off!

Some people got lost on the way. They missed the pit stop! So, we have to chase after them, and waited for others… whilst we waited, we came up with Step-one-and-step-two contingency plan. Fortunately, this plan to wait for the unfortunate ones was scraped!

We arrived at Cameron later than expected, had lunch at one of the shops. We were about 2 hours late, I think, but it was okay! Later, we reached our destination. Once we reached Barre’s rest house, we started the programs, ice breaker by Ms Angelina. An insightful ice-breaker I might add.

Had a break, and when we continued the session, we started of with a small skit, “Jesus in the car boot.” Is sort of true lah, how we tend to take control of our own life, and not letting Jesus drive our lives.

Transparency circle session was the following event. Here, we were each given a piece of paper with the names of all those there, and we are to talk one on one with all the people there. Though I managed to talk to only about 5-6 people in that two hours session, but it was a good talk!

Discussion on the shared value, split into two groups. While we discussed, fly interrupted Lai Seng! Hahaha!~ I’ll never ever look at the fly the same way again! And after a few minutes, we gathered together and combined notes. We all had the discussion about shared value, went on for more than 3 hours.

Slept late, was really burnt out.

(DAY 2)
Got up early the next day. I Praise & Worship lead, with Michelle and Christy playing the guitar and piano respectively for me. It was a Sunday service, the sermon was done by Bro. Stephen, which was about UNITY. Hmm… just the topic we need to hear.

After lunch, we discussed about Vision, Mission and Goal. Not so really focused on the talk. *oops*

Went out around Cameron Highlands later for sight-seeing and to get some stuff, bought strawberry jam, strawberry ice cream, and lots of cactus! Aaron left us for KL. He has to work.

Had dinner, discussed about the organization structure at night, went out again at night. Bought flowers for the girls, had honey coated strawberries on a stick. We then watched a short documentary about a homosexual.

Continued my quest of transparency circle, but wasn’t that successful. And later, I was debating with Lai Seng and trying to figure out about John 15, the devotion verse for the next morning. Slept late, again.

(DAY 3)

Fatigue took over my body. Was all geared up to go home. We had breakfast, and discussed on the new organization structure, that would be implemented this semester. We then packed up our luggage, while the new main committee continues discussing some issues.

We went a long, long way, and had lunch, consisting of roti canai and fish, chicken curry and dal gravy. Durians were tempting us, but we abstain for better durians a few days later, YUMMY!

Got back to KL about 7 pm. It was tiring, but fun! And the other trip to send Michelle home… THAT is another story in itself!

Lessons learnt:
1. When shopping in the market, bring along a bargainer with you.
2. In case a fly is around, remember not to talk/laugh/breath too much.
3. Don’t run on the floor mat and turn quick. You’ll never know how much gravity and friction can hurt you!
4. being polite wherever you are is GOOD!
5. I am coffee-intolerant.

6. there are a handful of radio stations available. Radio 4's fequency is 101.10 fm.

Love & Peace!~


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