Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas; from the view of a Christmas celebrater!

25th December 2004.

it was Christmas Day.

i was involved in a few events. and this was how my day was.

i played the bass guitar for the main services. i was late for prayer, while was bad as ont only did i not arrived on time, but i was a letdown to my presentation members for coming late. yes, i was involved in a presentation too.

i wasn't prepared for the 1st service, and while asking help from Justin and Ignatius, i just played along with the music, if you know what i mean. but i did better in the second service. and after that, i was involved with the pantomime. the whole thing was lead by me, but it couldn't be done without the help, support, time and ideas from these great youths. i would like to express my deepest appreciation to Serene, Sheena, Triny, Ian, Fergeson, Tommy, Shawn, Nicholas, and Daniel Loo for all that!~ we pulled it off, dudes! we did this act also for the second service and the Power Kids. unavoidalbe flaws here and there, but it was great overall!

saw Melissa Lian, Christine Lim and Tracy during the first service... wish James was around though. he sent me an sms, saying he was sick, possibly dengue fever! wish him speedy recovery!

got the girls to braid my hair before the service ended, and as the second service ended, the bassist had braided hair! hahaha!~ wasn't around for free lunch after the whole event, cause i was preoccupied with the pantomime before that, and the queue was too long. but i did cipher some food from Daniel Sim, Jonathan Chia and Brandon! hahaha!~ went back home and slept out of fatigue.

oh, and later in the evening, was caroling! we gathered in church at 6:30 pm, and left in two seperate groups. i was in the same team as Justin's Bukit Indah Home Group, plus Kevan, Silas and Fergeson. we really had a great time, going from house to house, not only to makan, but to spread the news about the true meaning of Christmas to everybody present! that was awesome!

we did a few wacky things, like scarying the girls with both nearly empty and empty Snow Spray tins, the small "flame-thrower" act, joking and miggling around, and also makan! the food was great, especially at Sis Karen's house. we were served with glutinous rice and mango with santan milk. that was superb! by the time we reach Sis Anita's house, we couldn't take in anymore food.

at the end, the two groups ended in Pastor Ronnie's house, and we carolled (and rapped!) at our best there! we all got back home about 12:30 am plus... and it was boxing day.

did i have fun? oh yeah!
but it doesn't mean you need to do a lot on Christmas to enjoy it. Christmas is NEVER, EVER boring, when you know the true meaning of it: the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

the whole Praise & Worship team. from left, Sze Wei, Stephanie, Pastor Daniel, Rowen (blocked by Pastor), Justin, me on the bass, Jeremy, Kevan, Ignatius, and Angeline.
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Justin: hmm... wish i had hair, like Bernard or Kevan or Rowen...
Bernard: yeah, jiwa rock! and the bass keeps rolling, rolling....
Kevan: eh, can pull your hair down during service? i know Justin, you want hair like MINE! MINE! hahaha!~

the Pantomime... by the youths!
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"Listen, listen with your heart." part of the pantomime. from left, Nicholas, Fergeson, Serene (nearer to the screen), Sheena, Tommy, Ian, Daniel, Shawn, myself and Triny.
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well, once in a year, you get to see me like this, wearing a santa hat and making a fool of myself, only once in a year... maybe twice.
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the finale of the pantomime.
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Simon and Sze Wei in the music presentation of Christmas Is All In The Heart.
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the dancing youths! from left, Triny, Ashliegh, Jocelyn, Abigail, Megan, Beatrice and Gillian. hmm... where's Lilian?
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oh, now this IS the whole dance team!
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the congregation.
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the congregation... the POWER KIDS i mean!
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Abigail and Lilian song leading the Power Kids, with Daniel Sim on the keyboard, and John Reuben on the drums. keep up the good work!~
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makan time! after the service is over.
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hmm... the delicious food...
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... and the mood-and-appetite killer!
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Love & Peace!~


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