Tuesday, December 14, 2004

three days later.


it has been three days since i was out of touch with the internet. but then, i was connected with nature. this relaxing scene brings a thought; that our God Almighty is truly great and awesome, creating the mountains, hills, trees and the sky the way it is!

well, i'm still in Hui Wen/Aaron/Enoch's house. just got back from IOI Mall. Lai Seng, Enoch and i met up with Uncle Cheok to return the books we took from him for Bethlehem's Treasure, and discussed some future collaboration in the near future with him. purchased a book, and got another from him.

we had lunch later at IOI Mall, and i finally got to buy BUDAK GETAH book 9, 10, and 11!~ (NOTE: it's the Bahasa Malaysia translation of ONE PIECE, by EiiChiro Oda. it's among the best comics, ever!) now, i have the 1st till the latest issue of BUDAK GETAH! hahaha!~

hmm... i'll be going to Ms Angelina's house for strawberry pancakes, with Lai Seng, Aaron, Leanne and... a few others. must give back Leanne's cactuses that i took by accident.

and speaking of cactus, i have to write about the retreat i was in in Cameron Highland.
stay tuned.

Love & Peace!~


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