Monday, December 31, 2007

The Year It Was 2007

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It's a few more hours before this year ends. After i'm done typing this entry, i would be resting for awhile before i head down to church for the watch night service.

Looking back at 2007, there are a few highlights; happenings in my life. And here they are in no particular order:

1.Getting involved with UTAR activities
Besides being involved in the Christian Fellowship since i entered UTAR, i've been involved in other activities, events and societies as well.

This year, i was in the Talent Night Committee as well as The UTAR Ball Night Committee, holding my post in the recruitment department. Spent many late hours in the campus with friends while we prepared for the event. Many fun memories were built through those practices, perparations and late night supper.

2.Bass guitar
Like many other bassists i know, i finally got one myself - a bass guitar. Got it from my friend Ryo for about RM500+. Named Jazzabell, she served me well, but didn't get to jam a lot when i broke my arm.

But will try my best to jam with her as often as possible in church. Thinking of joining a band. Any band out there in need of a bassist?

Nothing big, but i shifted to a bigger room, and i have my own TV in my room. I can stay here the whole day!

4.broken my arm

One of the turning point of my life. After being knocked by a little-speed-demon while going out of dinner, i entered the hospital through an ambulance for the first time in my life.

The broken right humerus left me disabled and incapable of performing many daily tasks, but i learnt to appreciate not only how important both my hands, but gave me a chance to use my left hand more often. But not really ambidextrous yet.

Also, i discovered that this pain in my right arm reminds me that i'm alive.

5.Mr & Mrs Yap

It was an honour to be part of Justin's and Sher-Mayne's wedding by being one of the groomsmen. The wedding was fantastic and was like out of a fairy tale.

To the both of them, will they have many, many great adventurous years ahead of them!

Yup, i've finally written my very own thesis. Entitled "The Perception of College/University Undergraduates Towards The New Content of theSun Newspaper", i did it as part of my course, and i'm proud i chose that topic. Though, if i were given a chance to improve it, i would do it better.

Nonetheless, you reap what you sow - and i'm content with what Dr Carmen, my supervisor graded me.


Crazy Jrians, when we were freshmen

Finally, after three years in pursuing the course, and five years in UTAR (inclusive of the Two Missing Years), i'm finally out of that place with a degree in Journalism.

Not only did i gain a whole bunch of friends, but with them, many fun experiences and memories with these group of crazy people. Everything from the lame jokes we shared and mamak sessions we had to the many hours spent together getting a last-minute assignment done. It seemed like yesterday when it all happened. And today, most of us contribute to the statistic of those 'graping' in the country's workforce.

Happy days.

Crazy Jrians as seniors

8.Hosting a Party
Posted an entry about this HERE. But below are some photos taken on that night.

It's either you learn it the easy way, or the hard way. This is what i personally believe. And for me, i get through life learning things the hard way, and many a times, these things could be avoided if i had choose the right thing. But we humans are anything but perfect, fallen from ordinary.

Yeah, many lessons i learnt costed me a lot, but i would steer away from repeating them in the future, i hope.

"I've faced my demons
Wrestling these angels to the ground
And all that I could find
Was a thin line between
All the saints and villains
it was crossed in my own mind

Someday I'm gonna find it
Wish I knew what I was looking for
Inside the disarray (inside the disarray)
I woke up this morning
Don’t know where I’m going
But it’s alright
I wouldn't have it any other way"

Excerpt from Lifehouse's Disarray

In the end, even if i failed to find myself by this year, there is always next year. I may wake up every morning with the ache in my arm - but at least i get to see the next day. Afterall, self-discovery is a life-learning process.

Let's welcome 2008 with an postive mindset and open arms.

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Love & Peace!~


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