Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dashing Through (The Rain).

Reindeers, Santa Claus and gifts in shining wraps and a fancy ribbon.

I'm not the kind of person who really 'commercially' celebrate Christmas on December 25. This year, i spent my Christmas staying at home, watching TV, surfing the Internet, resting and had dinner with my family in the night.

Though, i did hosted and attended a dinner party before Christmas. Happy days.

Well, what i've got so far for Christmas was a shirt, a box of cookies, a t-shirt, a book thong (it's a bookmark. Seriously), (another) bookmark, a candle and a bar of chocolate. And not forgetting a bunch of Christmas SMS greetings. But no Christmas cards. Perhaps many are environmentally-friendly citizens who can afford to see another tree manufactured into a cheap-Hallmark greeting card!

But still, the celebration is done in honour of the show's main star, Jesus Christ - The Greatest Gift of all Gifts. The one who came down to earth and die for sinners like us. Let us not forget about that.

Well, hope you all had a blast during Christmas. And i bet there are those at sitting at flood relief centres singing 'I'm dreaming of a (dry) Christmas' at this time of the year.

Love & Peace!~


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