Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas Tag.

I got tagged by Jolene Koh, and i'm just continuing the tradition.

Each player of this game writes about his/her Christmas wishes. People who get tagged need to visit your blog to find out more, and then write about the same topic in their blogs. Player must state the rules clearly, and pass this on by tagging the same number of people. To tag someone, leave a comment in his/her blog and tell them that they have been tagged. Number of blogger to tag: up to you.

Now, my personal wish list for Christmas.

1) A new, lighter and powerful notebook
2) The Black Sony Walkman MP3 player
3) New pair of cool spectacles
4) A new car (!)
5) To lose weight in the next six months (again)
6) Snow in Malaysia (now, to get all those rain coming here recently to freeze up)
7) To get my muse back
8) World Peace?

I’m tagging:
-Cheong Keen
-John Rueben
-Sui Li
-Pek Mei
-Alex Hooi

Oh... just realized that we're coming close to the new year and closer to Christmas. Not to mention Justin & SherMayne's wedding in less than 24 hours time. Time does fly really fast!

Love & Peace!~


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