Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hosting and Partying!

It was the first time ever - me hosting a party.

Never really had a reason to, but since i've graduated (yes - unofficial, i'm out of UTAR!) with my classmates, it would only be fitting to have a farewell/Christmas party before everyone go their separate ways.

The party had the usual routine - food, small talks, and gossips. But we also had the 'JR Awards' ceremony, which was a way of appreciating our classmates with a series of categories in both the wall of fame and shame.

I was nomitated for many positive categories and won three awards, including 'the-one-with-the-funniest-jokes' and 'the-one-with-the-best-temper'. I also nominated myself for the 'messiest-person' in the wall of shame. But the night's winner was Chin Han, who won a total of six awards. And it's an oxymoron that he won both 'the-most-responsible-person' and 'the-one-who-does-not-fulfill-one's-promise'.

Gift exchange times was great too. I think many enjoyed their gifts, ranged between RM10-20. Chee Been and i got each other's gift: He a t-shirt while i got a tin of Famous Amos cookies!

And i believe Pek Mei was not too thrilled about her gift.

Here we are with our gifts we received.

There were a lot of leftovers. Like Joo, who wasn't feeling well at that time, pointed out - the pizza, fried chicken, two types of potato salads, sandwiches and fried beehoon are the main dishes. But there wasn't many heavy eaters around to finish them.

And we didn't get to play my newly-purchased Taboo. *sigh*

But all in all, we enjoyed ourselves. Will post up more photos later.

On Sunday, i was Mrs Tan's party with Pek Mei, Alex and Woon. Our Broadcasting Journalism lecturer/tutor invited us, and i still can't believe that i woke up late for it!

Fortunately, like my party, there were lots of food when both Pek Mei and i arrived. The party comprised mostly of Mrs Tan's relatives. One of them joked about us UTAR graduates (yes, graduates!) helping lower the average age of all the guest at the party! But we still managed to have a ball eating turkey and pizza (again) while talking about everything about studies and exams to work and our future plans.

We left the place about 1 plus, but not without a gift from Mrs Tan and her family.

And i believe Pek Mei might not too thrilled about her gift.

In the end, i learnt that organizing or/and hosting a party is no easy task. Thus, many appreciation to any of you who have either organized a party or open your house to other.

But hey, isn't this the season to be jolly? Falalalala lalalala

Blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Love & Peace!~



been said...

nard...merry christmas!!!

and thx for ur efforts to make the party possible...

BlurChu? said...

Hey, Been!

You're welcome! By being there, you also made the party a successful one!

Those, should have done Secret Santa instead.... But what's done is done.


loony|iem said...

Oiks! Excuse me! Stop painting the wrong picture about me. I don't complain about gifts given to me except that one exceptional gift k. Mrs Tan's gift was nice! I like the candle holder she gave and not to mention my fav thing, Chocolate!! So, BC the pressie was fine.

BlurChu? said...


It's good that you enjoyed Mrs Tan's present, Pek Mei. That's why i put 'might' in that sentence. Ergo, no defamation, and you explained yourself to the readers.

Sometimes, stupidity cannot be cured!