Monday, December 24, 2007

Staring Blankly Cuatro: Questions Unanswered

"The world isn't perfect, and the law is incomplete. Equivalent Exchange doesn't encompass everything that goes on here. But I still choose to believe in its principle: that all things do come at a price. That there's an ebb, and a flow, a cycle. That the pain we went through did have a reward and that anyone who's determined and perseveres will get something of value in return, even if it's not what they expected."

Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist

There is a box in one corner of my head. It sits there, collecting dust in the dark as i just stare at it from afar. It's almost full, containing a tonne of questions left unanswered. But i wonder if i should open the box now.

I may know the answers to these questions. I might dislike it or perhaps its unexpected. It's a fear for me - a darkness that creeps up into my soul. Maybe all i needed was closure.

A good friend told me, the best thing to do is to ask the one who knows - He who knows everything. I swore i almost broke to tears when i heard that over lunch that Sunday.

Till now, the box is left untouched.

But if i can't open that box, neither can i open her letter. Then, i might not be able to see him before the year ends. Or can i face Him.

I know that I'll move on, I tell myself
I'll find me something better
I'll let go and just forget her

She was no good for me
Deep down I know that's the way it has to be so
How come I still can't open this letter
I can't forget her...

Taken from The Letter by James Morrison

Love & Peace!~


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