Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Prayer: All in All

A prayer... for those who will be sitting for exams soon.
Examination period is coming soon. And books and notes will be opened and dust will be flying - a lot. And the tonnes of midnight oil burning would definitely contribute to the increase in petrol next year.

A prayer... for those who are in the midst of completing their final year project
Especially those in my batch, classmates and various courses alike. The clock is ticking as the day of evaluation and marking draws closer than you can say 'literature review'.

A prayer... for those who are ill and unwell
The flu is making its way around those who are revising and not. Stress and many, many tasks to accomplish may be among the factors why one would fall sick now. Oh, not forgetting the others who stay up burning the oil.

A prayer... for those who are moving on to the next step in life
Not only the ones who (hopefully) would graduate from the university, but to those who have finish taking SPM and PMR examination. What is your next step? Do you have a plan? Can you relax now? Three among the multitude of questions going through one's head now.

A prayer... for those who are under spiritual attack
When there's too much pressure in life, one's spiritual life is at stake... and the Devil would conviently take this opportunity to mess one's life. Do beware and prayer-ful.

A prayer... for those who believes there's no hope as the sun shines on tomorrow
And when one feels messed up and everything doesn't go one's way, a sense of hopelessness arise. A lie from the Devil, keeping us away from what God has promised His children - a life of great abundance.

A prayer... for those who are weary
Refer to the statements above (read: redundancy). This would refer to me. But if you feel like you belong here, join the club.

A prayer... let's all pray.

Love & Peace!~


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