Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Rojak Series #15

With a lot going on this month, perhaps this would be my last TRS for the year. So, let it roll:

1.Unbalanced Sleeping Hours
With the exams going on, i've either been sleeping too little hours a night/day, or too long a night.

Well, even now, this has been affecting my internal clock, and i can't seem to sleep during regular hours. Should readjust myself after tomorrow's paper, which will be my last.

2.Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Yap
Yes. Both Justin and Sher-Mayne were married last Saturday, and i was the groomsman, along with Edwin, while Kevan was the best man.

It couldn't be a more perfect day, with the fine weather and what i believe to be the most heart-warming wedding. If there was a wedding where most of the men (read: Justin, Kevan and myself) tried their best to hold back and swallow their tears, this would be it.

Oh, and dinner was superb. Heard that the wine was excellent, which led to some undesired commotions at the dining hall. And the cupcakes were good.

The happy couple are currently on their honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia. Looking forward to meeting up with them soon.

And i hope to get the pictures from Sher-Mayne soon.

3.Small Battles Won
For the two subjects i took this semester, i manage to score the highest marks in Online Journalism in my class (and perhaps in the whole lecture as well) and for the group assignment for Broadcasting Journalism too! I feel like i'm on top of the world.

I know i'm an above average student; thus, this is really fulfilling for me. I don't care if i can achieve an A for the subject - as long as i did well for my assignments, that's enough for me. Plus, with all the stress and troubles that came along with it, i did enjoy doing the assignments!

Now, i hope the B+ for my thesis is maintained... i reap what i sow.

4.Farewell, Crazy Jrianz
After studying together for the past three years, it's sad to have to say goodbye to my dear classmates; who went through good and bad times together and shared many pleasant memories with.

After the last paper on Thursday (what i'm sitting for tomorrow is the paper that i'm resitting due to the accident in April), Nic gave us a potrait picture of the class, and bottles with messages from (most of) the classmates.

Up to today, i've read through half of the messages. And in a nutshell, they call me nice, funny, fun to be with, gentlemen, among other things.

Cool. And this leads me to the next point....

5.Up-coming Party
I'll be hosting a farewell/Christmas party for my classmates this Tuesday at my house. This might be the last time i'll be seeing them.

There would be food, games and gift exchange. Hopefully, it would turn out well.

6.Back to the Bass-line
Yup, it's my first time playing the bass guitar in church after the accident, not to mention my first time playing in the new premise.

But it could be my last time playing bass guitar... this year. Looking forward to playing bass in the future, and i have a lot of practice to catch up on.

This month, i've watched two movies. Star Dust, and later I Am Legend. Watched the later with Alex, Joanne Lee and Pek Mei after Online Journalism's paper.

I would say Star Dust is an interesting love story, which managed to tie a lot of holes stated in the beginning. And if you aren't keen of seeing Robert DeNiro being queer and soft, avoid this movie at all cost. But in a nutshell, it was worth my every sens spent.

And the same would be said about I Am Legend, though Joanne Lee didn't really like it. From what i read online, the movie and original novel has a totally different ending, given the scenario and the timeline. Thus, turning the original, tragic novel-ending into a heroic, hopeful ending for the movie.

Will try watching Children of Men, which stars Clive Owen and Michael Caine, as recommended by Joanne Lee.

8.Coming to an end
Yup, we're heading about two weeks plus towards the end of the year. What have you done? What have i done?

I just hope i can find him before the year ends.

Love & Peace!~


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