Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pictures of Me Tag.

A photo tag from Megan. Here are the damages:

*Last picture taken of yourself.

*taken by?
Yen Yen

*When was it taken?
Towards the end of November this year.

*A picture of you with your friends

*When was it taken?
In June or July 2007.

*Who are they?
My classmates - 1st row (l-r): Nicolette, Chiew Mei, Hoi Yen, Lily, Eu Wah, Chin Han and I-Ling
Back row (l-r): Alex, Soo Yee, Chee Been, Me, Yen Yen, Pek Mei, Grace and Wing Hooi.

*A picture of you in a fitting room
None, i don't camwhore myself, whatmore in a fitting room.

*Where was it?

*A picture of you with Christmas tree or Christmas deco

*Where was it?
My house at my Christmas/Farewell Party.

*A picture of you doing peace sign
I don't do the peace sign.

*A picture of you in B&W

*A picture of you in school uniform ( if graduated, get it from your report card)

*A picture of you doing weird things

*what were you doing?
I was behind the lecture hall; posing like a hot babe-magnet in the middle of Online Journalism lecture, while other groups were presenting their assignments.

*A picture of you wearing pink
Pink isn't my colour at all!

*A picture of you wearing black

*A picture of you wearing orange

*A picture of you wearing red

Who should i tag? I personally believe people shouldn't go through what i did, beside the fact most of my friends don't put up pictures. Thus, i end the blog here. If you want to do this tag, do tell me, ok?

Love & Peace!~


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