Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Sound Dilemma. (Ver 1.5)

After having in pocession two, cheap, unknown protable music devices (an MP3 and an MP4 player) for almost a year, i decided to spend a little more money on quality after my current iPod nano clone failed me. Two buttons going unresponsive was the last straw. That's when i went looking for information regarding branded MP3 players.

It's not like i'm going to grab another MP3 player immediately. My current MP4 player is now at being repair at the moment. But the defects it has prompted me to looking to a possible new MP3 player, anyway.

And from array of 2GB MP3 player available in our market, i found a few. And here are the potential wins:

1. Creative Zen Stone Plus

+ 2GB, 9.5 hours playback time
+ Has FM tuner
+ Interesting smooth peeble design
+ Blue OLED screen, which provides date, time and stopwatch display as well!
- plasitc-like look
- Can't find many places that sells this
- Price: RM269

2. Sony Walkman MP3 Player - NWD-B105B

+ 2GB, 12 hours playback time
+ Drag & Drop music transfer system (finally, someone listened!)
+ Voice recorder
+ FM Tuner
+ Easy USB connecivity
- No Sony ATRAC3 digital data compression format
- Price: RM299

3. Apple iPod nano 2GB

+ 2GB, 14 Hours playback time
+ It's an iPod!
- It's an iPod! (not a big fan of iPod as it is.)
- Price: RM329 RM499 (gasp!) The price previously stated is for iPod Shuffle.

Currently, i'm putting my investment in either the Creative or the Sony, both price-wise and brand preference. But we'll see if the prices would drop in a few months' time. However, i'm not too keen on the iPod, unless someone can convince me otherwise.

While that happens, i'm trying my best to be contented with my soon-to-be-repaired MP4 player.

Oh, and the MP3 player was collateral damage in the accidents a few months back, besides my right arm.

*sigh* Decisions, decisions and more decisions....

Love & Peace!~


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