Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Instant Rendang!

while we were wondering in the corridor during the break from Journalism 1 lecture, Alex, Wing Hooi and myself were looking at notice board. it was a tapestry of posters of all sorts, including the ARE YOU M.A.D. concert held by the Christian Fellowship tomorrow evening.

of all the posters of many sizes, Alex pointed out at a poster, with a painted picture on it. as we shifted our attention to that picture, containing a boy and cow caught in a mine explosion at the border of a mine-field, as a herd of cow and a couple of boys looking on to them, something came out of Alex's mouth.

that something was about the picture, but has nothing to do with the reason it was there in the first place. and the reason the picture was in that poster was that it was a competition; a poster competition on a poster. it had something to do with the awareness of war or landmines, and the victims of them. but what Alex said didn't support that point. he said, "hey, look. Instant Rendang! and the other boy is touching the cow's butt!"

Love & Peace!~


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