Friday, May 20, 2005

The Rojak Series #5

what has happened the past week.

item no.1

i can't take it... i failed to follow whatever i said, to complete
MY CHALLENGE. *sigh* the television proved to be more undenialble that i thought.

well, after a day, i failed to keep out with the challenge. after making the pledge, i unconciously watched TV at my father's friend's place, while her son was watching it. that was so dumb of me! i feel like knocking myself on the wall, then kick myself hard!

i think i'll just try NOT to watch TV that often. what say you?

item no.2

Miri is now officially a CITY! congratulations to you!

i guess you Mirians (or whatever you Miri people call yourselves) have officially converted from being town bumpkins to city dwellers.

and do appreciate this city where natural gas and petroleum come from, ok?

item no.3

the circle is complete. the dark lord gets to fulfill his vengence. as they say in the Malay slang, "kasi hentam sama dia!" the the long-awaited moment has finally arrived:

STAR WARS EPISODE 3: REVENGE OF THE SITH is now showing at a cinema near you!

yes, the last episode of the STAR WARS saga is finally here! and my brother and homegroup leader, Iggy, has watched it already. hmmm... i will watch it, after watching EPISODE 2.

i'm not really an avid fan. that explains why i'm not looking forward to paying RM 10 when i can pay RM 6 at student rate. not that fanatic that i would camp outside the theater a month before the release of this film, like fans in US did.

but many question runs through the mind before watching this movie:
will it be the best Star Wars movie ever? what will happen to the Republic? what happens to the Jedi Council? what will happen to Anakin? will he succumb to the Dark side? and who's the most evil of all Sith Lords?

with all this in mind, go watch it, ok? just don't get a cheap, pirated DVD 9 copy of it, ok?

hmmm... somethings burning here. a scene from EPISODE 3.

item no.4

did you all notice what today's date is?

it's the 20th of May 2005. put them into numbers, and you get 20052005! cool, eh?

item no.5

i'll be playing bass guitar (and being a back-up singer) for Sunday service again. i've been on stage for 3 weeks in a role! (and this doesn't include the Youth Combined Service!) well, i hope my bass skills have improved, cause i want to excel in what i enjoy doing; jamming with the bass guitar!

Love & Peace!~


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