Wednesday, May 25, 2005

of debates and rainy days.

it rained this evening once again. will it rain again tomorrow evening? high probability it will.

debate: something you use to catch the fish?

well, i am part of the debate team, the negative team with Wing Hooi and Alex. we went head on with Lit Han, Johel and Joan of the affermative team on the motion, "The Concept of The Borderless World Gives an Advantage to The West in Consumerism." the real deal will be held on the 16th of June, in conjunction with the English Week we're going to have in UTAR. and this debate will be held in front of some big shots.

after today's practice (and a short video-shooting), we, the negative team, need to re-strategize our points, approach and attacks again. plus, being in the mete of the others, more practice and research on our side is needed. and being in the Drama & Public Speaking Society of UTAR, both elements of acting and speaking is seriously required (in this particular case) if we want to pull this act off! at the mete of the others in the debate, i need to buck up!

debating isn't really my cup of tea. but hey, it's part of Mass Communication. it's part of a learning process.

looks like i need to prepare an umbrella before hand in the future. both literally and figuraively

PS isn't it weird to see a fire engine on the go on a rainy day?

Love & Peace!~


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