Friday, May 13, 2005

i just realised....

... that the planning retreat for my uni's Christian Fellowship Society (CF) was suppose to be held around this time, and today (the 13th) will be our last day of the 4-day retreat. we were suppose to go to PD, analyse the past semester's events, plan the activities for the coming semester and enjoy ourselves.

unfortunately, that didn't happen at all. due to time constrain and venue availability, we decided not to have it after a lot of time and effort planning it.

well, we'll just keep that planning retreat in mind next time. some plans just don't materialize. some plans don't work out. some plans just get out of hand. and the others just go according as planned. hmm... this reminds me of THIS ENTRY.

anyway, the blister on my finger is still there, i'm playing the bass this Sunday again, and it's Friday the 13th today! WOW!~

Love & Peace!~


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