Tuesday, May 24, 2005

of rain, quick lectures and first day once more.


today's the first day of the semester. my real results of the past semester aren't out yet, though i'm anxious to know what grades i've obtained since i've passed all the subjects. well, since it's the first day of the semester, i've got to gather with my classmates, friends and seniors (which some of them were of the same year and semester once.) and i guess some were surprised to see me in Year 1 Sem 2 in THIS faculty.

anyway, out of the two lectures, only one was held. when i entered into the first class, i thought the lecturer was there, only to discover that THAT person standing in front of the class was Wilson, the course rep of the PR people. looks like we're going to attend the same lecture, again, and discovered that Ms Nicole is teaching us, again!

and i later spent the rest of the time till the next lecture in the library, with Wing Hooi and Alex. we surfed the Net for information we can use in tomorrow's debate. yeah, the three of us are in the opposition team of a mock debate tomorrow, with the motion, "The Concept of Borderless is an advantage to the West." (or something like that!) and i've not read through what we have found. will read them soon.

Ms Sharon, our lecturer for Journalism 1 gave us 1 hour length lecture, instead of two today. looking forward to see her in the next class, since this class is all about, well, JOURNALISM!

plus, it has been raining for the whole afternoon, and it got worse in the evening. i slept after dinner, and just got up disorientated.

oh, i've just checked out this cool Guyana Proverb, which i can relate (on both sides) sometimes; Some people do all the hard work but others benefit in the end.

Love & Peace!~


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