Wednesday, May 11, 2005

the glare, the blare and nice looking suits: UTAR BALL NIGHT 2005.

*i was suppose to post this up earlier. but better late than none, eh?

this is something people who likes to catch a glimpse of popularity (like me), wear nice suits (like me) and/or have a good dinner with some entertainment (again, like me) would anticipate; a ball night. and this year, UTAR had it's second ball night, UTAR BALL NIGHT 2005, themed "Shades of Differences."

i was there. with a maroon jippa and thinkly gelled hair, i made my way to Crown Princess, KL with a bus. i did not have the car at my exposal that night. plus, the hotel is just a busride away from my house. this time, the venue was in my favor.

i was there late, and so was Woei Tyan and Wei Chuan, who were the people i wanted to meet up with and had my tickets. apparently, a lot of my friends currently studying in FAM, Sg Long either drove here, was driven here or took the bus. and me taking the public Metro Bus no. 28 was slightly embarassing.

frankly speaking, it wasn't as good as last year's. i was one of the informal emcees for the event, and although i hadn't got the chance to taste the food, i knew the buffet was good by the looks of the menu. but then again, it could be acquired preference? the "seven" (six meals + Chinese Tea. tricky, huh?) course Chinese Dinner . for RM 60, THAT was what i have not expected.

lots of mishaps happened here and there. not that well prepared and editted scripts. and the dance didn't go on as planned at the end of it ( i left early, probably they had it then?)

but then again, UTAR just had it's second shot on this event. let's hope it doesn't becomes a trend for the following prom nights. these events should be fun, shouldn't they? i'm willing to give them a chance, and will be waiting for next year's.

i give it a 2 out of 5 stars.

Eng Han, Thang Yee and me
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sandwiched between Thang Yee and Kelvin!
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those who were from AC1, the same roots as i was: Kelvin, Thang Yee, Eng Han and Fam!

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