Wednesday, May 11, 2005

that's weird...

my computer, the monitor, to be more precise, is going cuckoo. there's something wrong with the display, where it goes fuzzy all of a sudden. it could be the display card too. either way, my computer is aging to an age where it'll breakdown, soon.

with a blister on my right finger after vicious bass guitar playing since Friday, i wonder if i should burst that freaky abnormality off my finger.

the malfunction on my PC has stopped me from doing a lot of things, including updatingmy blog and sending e-mails. thank goodness it's ok, and i would not want to wait for the next time before this piece of technology to go haywire to do some of my essential stuff. thus, i'll start updating my blog after this entry.

Eng Han asked me bout the UTAR BALL NIGHT 2005 entry. it'll be up ASAP.

now, to being the first phase of the blog update progress.

Love & Peace!~



oliver said...

yo dude next time when you play bass here's what you do.........after the amp is on and the bass is jacked in, increase the master volume and bass guitar volume to max. the other volume knob can be increase as loud as you want depending on the venue. (since it is in church i guess 5 or 6 will be enough.) by doing this the bass will be loud enough to be heard and you don't have to play so hard. and about your pc i think it ha to be the monitor. there is an article about this in the star's intech (either tuesday or thursday) if you have it check it out. the next think that i'm supposed to write is that i'm going to stop because i don't know what to write already...........

BlurChu? said...

ok lah, Oliver!

me get the message... but because i played too powerfully, my finger got blister lah!

i'll try looking for the article lah.