Saturday, May 14, 2005



at first, there was 10. then, there was 250. now, it's 1; 1 GIGABYTE that is!

yes, Yahoo Mail has provides 1 GB of inbox space. as i was checking my e-mail today, i discovered that i only used 5% of the total space i have. it was weird, cause i know i keep a lot of stuff in my inbox, and it should be about 35% percent of space used (yes, that's huge. i know!) i checked it properly, to find out that it wasn't an error or glitch in the program. but it stated the following phrase:

" 5% of 1GB "

KUDOS to YAHOO! for increasing my inbox space! totally awesome. i guess Gmail, the e-mail provider by is in trouble now... or is it? and Hotmail... let's just not go there.

so, have you checked your inbox recently?

PS Don't SPAM!

Yahoo! Mail... are you "Yahoo!-ing" with it yet?

Gmail... another great e-mail provider!

Love & Peace!~



acy&baw said...

heya...gud news, eh?? hahaha..
i have to yahoo mail acc and i actually kinda freak out when i saw the 'free upgrade to 1G'. then i saw it!!!! my mailbox is 1G!!!!!


L@iSeng said...

hey brother.
gmail provide virtually infinity space
ask i'm typing now it kept on increasing its mail space and counting.

if i'm not wrong it already counting to 2.2GB and still increasing

not anymail in the world beats gmail
and its features are mind blowing.
try it and you'll stick with it forever

BlurChu? said...


i was shocked to find out about it too, Baw.

but what you say, Lai Seng, is totally true. i just checked out gmail! wow!~ 2+GB inbox space!

and i still don't support hotmail! hahaha!~