Thursday, June 02, 2005

of M.A.D. Concert, waits and aching legs.

it was MAD! Are You M.A.D? (Making A Difference) Concert that was organised by UTAR Christian Fellowship Society (CF) was held last night at Sg Long Golf & Country Club. although the ticket for the concert i have beg to differ, as it states' "Sg Long Golf Resort," it doesn't matter since Sg Long has only one golf resort. unless of course, if there is a plan to create another golf club, which means the destruction of hills for flat, grass-carpeted 18 holes, the name would matter. and Sg Long Golf & Country Club can get sued for this. but it was the typo on the ticket sold by the CF, so the CF can be sued. but CF's under UTAR, so....

before a drag on with more nonsense, let me just fill you in with more sensible facts. there were at least 150 or more students and lecturers and very familiar and new faces present that evening. and since this is a joint venture with FGA, we had bands like Heart Beat and Primary Circle leading the Praise and Worship. awesome! not forgetting JC Works dance team that grooved to Stacie Orrico's I Could Be The One.

but i believe the focus of the whole event wasn't the bands, dance team, or refreshment we had before the event started. but it was more of the testimony shared by Matthew Ong, one of the people in-charged of this drug centre (i totally forget the name!) and the fact that his testimony has touched the heart of some, that as Pastor Daniel Singh called out to people during the altercall, i see familiar faces responding to it, wanting to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. praise the LORD!

and after the whole wacky event, i skipped out on the CF dudes to have supper with my friends from CPS, TAR College. it was great catching up on them, since it has been awhile since i've seen them. and it's been awhile since friends there see me, that they're really surprised to see me in a place like Sg Long.

nonetheless, Are You MAD Concert was great! the presence of the Holy Spirit was there, and i pray that seeds planted in their spirit will sprout and grow.

as i'm typing this entry, i'm waiting for time to pass to go to Stephen's place for makan, wishing that i had no class so that i could attend HEAL THE NATION Conference in GTPJ, and my legs aching badly due to the concert yesterday.

PS the last entry was a total nonsense. Instant Rendang! as long as the poster is up there in PC Block, this joke wouldn't grow old.

was suppose to be here... perhaps being at the night concert is the next best thing.

Love & Peace!~


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