Wednesday, April 13, 2005

of plans.


Most people, if not everyone, make plans. Everything from plans for the whole day or an event, to whether to wear that blue t-shirt or green singlet to sleep. We make plans and decisions, subconsciously or not. and it all as it outcomes, whether as expected or not, good or bad. But what happens when the plan doesn’t work as planned?

As you already know, not everything in life sways the way you want it to. Obstacles and circumstances play a role in ruining the preparation. then, your plan as produced an outcome undesireble. Frustrating, eh?

Well, there are options to cope with failed plans. One can anticipate the worst, and come out with Contingency Plan B, C, D, etc. or one can just sit down, and cry all the way (which not surprisingly IS Plan B for some.)

I guess sometimes when a plan doesn’t go your way, it’s good. Don’t you think so? For all you now, it’ll amount to a better outcome. Hmm… probably all success and failure of a plan is part of God’s master plan?

Love & Peace!~



oliver said...

i plan to post something but somehow the plan has to be changed because i forgot what i wanted to write so my contigency plan just post some nonsence........

BlurChu? said...


it's so you lah, Oliver!~