Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Days During Chinese New Year. (V.1.5)

A lot have been going on these few days that has been preventing me from accessing the Internet and getting my soon-to-be-dued assignments.

Today, my dad took us for hi-tea at The Regent Hotel to celebrate Ernest's 20th Birthday. A high-class area with an interesting selection of food. For about RM48++, i think it's a place worth returning to another day.

Basically, the past few days, i've been going place. To be precise, since Tuesday (Feb 20). A lot of moving around.

After visiting Alwin's house for his mom's delicious spagetti on Tuesday evening, some of them came up with the idea to go up to Genting Highlands. Without much thinking, i decided to tag along with Rowen, Alwin, Angeline and Sui Li to go up there for a cup of coffee (? - i know, i can't stomuch coffee!).

We arrived there only to realise that there were too many people and too little parking spaces around. With little time left, we headed down to Gontong Jaya, grab some snacks and sent the girls back around 1am.

We learnt a few things from this episode:

1. Don't ever go up to Genting Highlands during Chinese New Year (or any other public holidays for that matter)

2. Make solid, proper plans before going anywhere.

3. Make proper, solid contingency plans if Plan A fails.

4. As long as you have a good company with you, failed plans matters not.

Rowen and i finally sent Alwin back home and had a good, in-depth chat on relationship while chowing down on the last plate of spagetti. Yummy.

The next day, Dewgem and i went up to Melaka to meet up with David. Not only did we meet up with him and his hospitable family, we also met up with Justin Tan, and by God's divine plan - Ian Lee and his girlfriend, Sin Yee (not really sure how her name spelt. Even i thought it was Cindy at first!).

Anyway, while we were there, we had Satay Celup, visited places, had long chats about (once again) relationships, and more food... even while David, Dewgem, Justin Tan and i were coming back home from Melaka.

On Friday, i made an impulsive decision to visit Chee Been's house. Thus, Alex Hooi, Pek Mei and i traveled to his place, had some snacks and drink, played a few rounds of Big Net Two and Black Jack, and later headed down to the mamak stall in Desa Petaling. There, we talked about (drum rolls, please) Boy-Girl Relationship (BGR)... and of course, other stuff like why we are in UTAR and things like that.

It's not that we're busybodies. It's just that it's interesting to hear people's views and stands on BGR.

Later that night,i brought Pek Mei and Alex Hooi to my house for dinner. They got Ang Pows and also got to watch the couple first episodes of Trigun, one of the coolest animes ever!

That's all for now. I need to get some shut eye for tomorrow's service, where i'll be up front on stage with my Sayang, for the first time ever! *yawn*

*Since Dewgem took a lot of photos during the Melaka trip, i'll come out with an entry using solely on those pictures. Look out for that entry!

"...Today today I live for one thing
To give You praise
In everything I do
Yeah all the praise goes out to You..."

Excerpt from The Time Has Come by Hillsong United

Love & Peace!~


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