Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happenings This Week.

Can't believe i woke up with a nightmare today! And i'm grateful it's nothing more than a nightmare... for if it was real, it would be deja vu for me- to face my sins once again.

February 17 (today)

As many know, it's the eve of Chinese New Year. After doing my morning devotion, i had a hearty American breakfast (courtesy of Rowen) and cleaned my house a little. And for some strange reason, it was raining today. A strange sight during the Chinese New Year period.

Will be going for our family dinner soon.

Anyway, the past few days was an adventure for me.

February 16 (Friday)

After spending the afternoon in uni distributing oranges and cookies with Dewgem, David and Ms Louise to the FAS lecturers who are still around the campus, i found myself in Mid-Valley Megamall to purchase tickets for Ghost Rider.

Yes. Rowen, Julius, Fergersen, Alwin, Sui Li and I watched the movie along with Alex Hooi and Wei Yee. And IMHO, i think the movie was good, but not good enough to be paying RM11 for it. It was a little too short lah.

The Spirit of Vengence. He's just... hot-headed! (pun unintended)

The saving grace was the way Nicholas Cage portaryed Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider, and the flaming bike and the weapons, including the freaky Penance Stare! And watch out for witty lines (and signs) along the way.

February 16 (Thursday)

Official, school's out for the festive season, and on the same evening, the Talent Night Committee had a small barbeque with the contestants and the other stage performers.

We did enjoyed ourselves over some BBQ chicken wings, sausages, calamari balls and an overdose of lame jokes all around. It was not only a bonding event, it was to celebrate after the effort put into making this year's Talent Night a success.

Simple, clean fun without alcohol!

February 14 (Valentine's Day - Wednesday)

A day of flower-receiving and chocolate-giving (namely, Ferrari-Roshes!) most of the time to someone you admire or significant in your life; all in the name of love!

While many of the PR students who came on that day for Culture and Communication class wore many shades of red, us JRians totally forgot to wear black.

That aside, i'm glad i'm still single. Little or no planning needed for this day.

February 7 (Wednesday)

I can't believe more than a week has pasted since the UTAR Talent Night Jan 2006 has passed, when it only seem like yesterday. Themed "The Unmasked Myth", the event was more of a drama than a typical talent competition.

The poster for the event, with the contestants' faces all over it.

The plot revolves around the White Bird, who is own by the Forest Gods and admired by the animal spirits (the contestants) of this mystical forest. One day, the White Bird met a new masked friend (the Creature) and began to fall in love with him, only to discover that he's ugly and rejected him.

Realising that she loved him not for his looks, but for who he is, she felt into depression, while the animal spirits tried to cheer her up. The creature, in the end, showed up, and the White Bird begged him to be with her.

After accepting each other back, the decided to runaway. This is where the Forest Gods intructed the animal spirits to capture and kill the creature.

Initially, both the White Bird and Creature were supposed to be dead, impaled by spears at the end of the drama. But since the ending was disapproved by the higher authority, they had to quickly re-edit the ending. (not wanting to give the impression that suicide is the way to solve any problems in life.)

So, the new ending was the animals decided to drop their spears, but the White Bird was struck dead by the Forest Gods (just like a heart-attack scene from Death Note). Feeling sad, the spirits sang together, and life was brought back into the White Bird, bring everyone to a tear-jerker ending.

The End.

The animal spirits, along with the White Bird and the Creature.

In the end, it was Ruth the Bat who won the competition with her creepy yet talented acting of a vampire bat, followed the crowd's favourite, Vicky the Leopard and Su Mei the Doe (deer).

Ruth and me, after the event's over.

Well, i must say that this is the best Talent Night that FAS has ever come out with. Not only was it the best throughout the history of FAS, but it was definately better than the other two faculty put together.

Just take look at the stage and decoration, and you'll be amazed by the amount of money, sweat and time invested in it. Not to mention the numbers of late night we had to endure to make sure practice makes perfect. And finally, all this is over.

For me, i want to take one day at a time, enjoy the things and event God directed to my life. Bliss.

"...'Cause these are the days worth livin'
These are the years we're given
And these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives

Even if hope was shattered
I know it wouldn't matter
'Cause these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives..."

Excerpt from The Calling's Our Lives

Love & Peace!~


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